Care to read a poem that I wrote from when I was 15 years old? *dug it out of a time capsule*?

Care to read a poem that I wrote from when I was 15 years old? *dug it out of a time capsule*? Topic: How to write a day of the dead poem
June 19, 2019 / By Damiana
Question: There was something in the water something very small and dead "It's the Minister's little daughter" the Investigator said And when the Minister came to find his daughter bleeding in the lake He let out a wail, his face did pale A funeral his screams did make Who did this to her! the Minster said Letting out a long agonizing cry "We do not know, but we are working on the case" replied the Investigator Letting out an empathetic sigh And when her body was being covered her feet was the last thing that he saw he stormed into his empty home And banged his clenched fist on the wall Suddenly, the very next morning there came a mysterious call: "This is Investigator Riley, we think we may have found a lead" At the sheriffs department: "This is a photo of the culprit he goes by Benjamin Reed" The Minister took the picture sketch and asked, "Please, May I have this?" And he drove away in his beat up truck consumed by sorrow's bliss He asked so many people so many people indeed The Minister would not stop asking until he found this Benjamin Reed he searched deep in the taverns where the alcohol was passed around Until he stumbled upon a strip club where Benjamin Reed was found: Hey you! There! Stop! he said and then the chase began! The Minister chased him up the alleys Oh, how Benjamin Reed ran and ran! He grabbed Benjamin Reed by his collar and flung the pale faced man to the ground Benjamin Reed began to sob profusely but the Minister shouted:"Shutup, slime! stop making that meaningless sound!" He pulled Benjamin Reed to his feet and putting the gun to his head with words pure and very concrete: He said, "Death will be your only pleasure" He shot him dead, he shot him dead but thirst for vengeance was not the way for the last thing anybody saw was his feet for he was killed the very next day --------------------------------------... I decided to dig up an old poem from my past. I wrote this when I was 15 years old. had to write it for ap english class at the time. man, the memories.... when I would just write and have fun but yeah I hope you enjoy:) Happy Writing to All!
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Best Answers: Care to read a poem that I wrote from when I was 15 years old? *dug it out of a time capsule*?

Blythe Blythe | 9 days ago
Hey thats REALLY good!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got an A+ on this.. I thought It really told a good story! :) I really enjoyed this! :)
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The biggest issue that's popping up is repetition. A lot of it. For example, "When I dreamed, I always dreamed", "floating up in the clouds. Of the sugary clouds", "would watch the stars, she would tell me stories about the stars", etc. Once you use a word once, try not to use it again for as many sentences as possible, or at all. Golden rule. Secondly, and this is just a small bone I'm picking, the sentence "But, after waking up, a sinking feeling would break inside me". What do you mean a feeling "broke" inside of her? It's giving me mental images of her appendix tearing or something. Maybe say that a sinking feeling "set in". Lastly, towards the end, the wording gets quite melodramatic. "I never felt this deep hole in my heart, like a letter without words, or like a book without a first chapter." "Her memories would turn into teardrops watering the stars on my pillow..." It's just too much. It actually cuts off the tranquil, melancholy feel and makes me want to laugh, which is not the response you want. On the positive side, I like the dreamy tone. It makes for some beautiful imagery and just relaxes you, whilst still holding your interest. It feels like you're reading the beginning of a fairy tale, or the end. Hope you got the feedback you needed!
Blythe Originally Answered: B&A: Re-post- Would you care to read this short story I wrote?
I think Lovett pretty much covered most of what I was going to say. I really enjoyed reading this and I can understand if your writing style leans more towards specific description but you could have toned things down a bit. Sometimes less is more sabes?:) You don't really need to describe your mother's "charcoal eyes." My guess was that you were overly descriptive here as a result of how fond you are of your mother but unless charcoal is something that envokes such emotion within you then you do best to omit it. "Like honey dripping" I can understand that description...the words were honey to your ears...sweet and eloquent.<3 Like I said, great description but if you turned this into a more simple write than this could be even better:) Keep Writing<3

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