I'm taking Business Administration in College.and my homework is?

I'm taking Business Administration in College.and my homework is? Topic: How to write a business letter to a college
June 19, 2019 / By Darina
Question: If I owned a restaurant and I was Advertising my Business through Restaurant.com, and I no longer wanted to Advertise my Business with them How would I write them a Business letter explaining to them that I no longer wanted to Advertise with them no more in a nice friendly way?(discontinue advertisement)
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Best Answers: I'm taking Business Administration in College.and my homework is?

Bliss Bliss | 5 days ago
You would use a short and simple letter that only states that as of some certain date (or immediately), their services are no longer required. Since the letter is supposed to be business-like, you should not put any emotion in it. It must be neutral, without reasons or listing any issues, etc. so no emotional concepts or reasons should be listed in the letter. Afterall, you may want to hire them again and you do not want to burn your bridges.
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