Is it safe to give my roommate my routing&account number?

Is it safe to give my roommate my routing&account number? Topic: How to write a check for your rent
June 17, 2019 / By Dalilah
Question: We're splitting the rent and utilities, but have to present the landlord with one check. So one of the options my roommate transfers her portion onto my account instead of writing a check every month for which she needs my routing/account number. Is it safe? I called the banker and they said you can get the $$ out over the phone by using that info. How should I handle this situation?
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Blanid Blanid | 3 days ago
Use checks. Sorry, she will have to go through the trouble of writing them. What if you two have a falling out By giving her this, you are essentially giving her almost full access to your checking account. Let me have your routing number, account number, and your bank name and location I will give you the balance in about 10 seconds
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Airla Airla
Absolutely NEVER give your bank account, credit card, debit card, or other account info to anyone! You are asking to get ripped off. Your roommate must pay you by check in time for her check to clear your bank before you write the check to your landlord. Or else roomie has to pay you cash. Or if you both have PayPal accounts, roomie transfers via PayPal. But her payment to you must clear the bank before you write any check to the landlord! Your landlord's requirement for one-check payment seems a bit unusual. When they rent out a place to unrelated parties, they typically accept a check from each roommate.
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Topher Topher
She can give you the cash and you can deposit it into your bank account. This is the safest way to do it. Unless you've known her for years I would not trust her with your bank account information. Keep a record of the date and amount of cash she gives you each month. also keep record of the date you put the cash into your account and paid the rent. Cash is by far the safest way to do this.
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Reagan Reagan
no.just ask her to right you a cheque for her amount and deposit that into your account, then right one cheque for your landlord
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