Can I keep the money from a car accident claim without repairing the vehicle? & have the check written to Me?

Can I keep the money from a car accident claim without repairing the vehicle? & have the check written to Me? Topic: How to write a quote by someone
June 19, 2019 / By Dalia
Question: Recently, someone backed into the side door of my car. Their fault. I own my car. It did approx $2,000 worth of damage. The adjustor came out & estimated the damage & sent a check for a small amount. The check amount obviously wont cover the cost.So I took it to a body shop now for an final estimate. However, I am not sure I want to repair the car. I'd rather pocket the full amount that is owed to me & get a new car. When I told the adjustor on the phone today that I was at the repair shop getting a final estimate. He got pissy because I called it an "estimate." He said, "i already gave you an estimate, so you dont need another estimate, they're just looking to see if there is any more damage & if there is I will write them a supplement check to fix it." I said, "ok, well I don't care if it's called an estimate or a fart, I will get all that is owed to me." I haven't told him that I've decided against getting it fixed yet. I'm still feeling him out. Do I have the option to just keep the money and live with the damages or do I have to HAVE to have the vehicle repaired like he is making me believe? He is also making it seem like he wont write a check to me, ONLY to the shop. How do I fight this if he give me problems when I break it to him that I'm not getting it fixed and I want my damn check?
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Blanda Blanda | 2 days ago
As long as you own the car it is up to you whether you want to fix or sell! But if you sell it that is another matter. If you trade it off, how much is it going to knock down trade in value? It might be better to get fixed - then trade. You can probably have a used door put on and repair cheaper. Have a talk with the body man, (maybe even 2)... if he gives an honest legitimate quote, and is not out of line on cost, -- it "should fly" when push comes to shove! If this insurance company gets too nasty with you , give your State Insurance Commissioner a call, they may convince him to "cool it"! Make very sure you document all the damage with photos, - as if you go to court you want to be well armed! Most stares do not like insurance companies that "welch" on repair bids! Or offer to just have him give you another car in equally good condition and fix and sell yours themselves! I don't know what state you are in, but in Texas you have right to do this! By the way, - if you have a good insurance company, (and a good agent), they will twist other companys arm a little too!
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Blanda Originally Answered: Illegal Search of vehicle after car accident-My son was in a car accident and the other driver charged for?
I have a feeling you just didn't talk to the right person. Don't let those here that have no clue pretend to inform you. The investigating officer of the crash CAN search both vehicles for ANY evidence that could be related to the vehicle accident. For example...the other driver could have been DUI, but your son could have still caused the accident. Do you follow? Its just an example. I'm a crash investigator and I would have searched both vehicles, without warrant, without your permission. Depending on how old your son is...ie over 18...and you stated it was his truck...I wouldn't in a million years give YOU any evidence, list, information on the case as it would violate his right to privacy. Its just the truth...not trying to be harsh.

Ainslie Ainslie
Whatever you do Don't Let That Adjuster Intimidate you! you Have the Law on Your Side, If I Were You I would Get Three Estimates and Choose the One you think you would Like to Keep. No Need to Mention That you Would Like to Keep the Money for Whatever! Take the Best Bet you can Get, and Don't Let Anyone One Change Your Mind. I Had the Same Problem, and Went the 'Other" Way, and Ended up Having to Pay "Out of Pocket" on Damages I Did Not See Previously. Consult Your Insurance Co. for More Advice!
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Tony Tony
In some states, it is illegal to keep this money if there is still a lien on the car. If you own it, you can do whatever you want with the money. The money is reimbursement of the damage caused to your property (car), and you can do whatever you want with it. If part of this money comes for medical costs, there might be additional issues that I would take to a lawyer - otherwise you are good. I've received 3 different insurance claim checks in my life and all of them were issued to my name, even if I used the shop affiliated with the insurance co.
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Read Read
yea you can...once the insurance comes to check da damage in ur car..they estimate how much it would cost an they mail you ur check..they dont check bak if you had fixed ur car or not..
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Since the bank already knows the location of the vehicle they may just send a payment letter demand in a final attempt to collect before repossession. Once the car has been repossessed you can go down and pay for the car and ask them, the legal owners, to issue the title in your name only. You may find that they can not do this but it does not hurt to ask. Since she was awarded the car during the divorce proceedings, I would contact the bank, give them a copy of the court order and ask them to remove the credit history from your file. I would also write to the 3 credit reporting agencies and place a letter of explanation on that item so that when other lenders view your credit report they will see that the responsibility for payment was with your wife.

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