For a first time dslr user, is it a bad idea to buy used off of Ebay?

For a first time dslr user, is it a bad idea to buy used off of Ebay? Topic: Contact lenses case set
June 17, 2019 / By Dale
Question: I want to buy a dslr camera and have been looking for a good deal. I've found some pretty cheap, but nice cameras on Ebay from sellers with very good feedback. Do you think I should take a slight risk by buying used (but in nice shape) or should I just spend some more to buy a totally new one?
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Blanch Blanch | 1 day ago
Hi Maggie, I would say it depends on your experience level on using ebay and the type of account that is offering an item for sale. Some sellers are private individuals, some are Pawn Brokers or other resellers that offer items for sale on consignment (on behalf of others) and some are specialty dealers that only handle certain types of products. Another common occurrence for photographic equipment is to have retail camera dealers who accept "trade ins" for newer models and then dispose of the older cameras by selling on ebay. The specialists often have industrial contacts for the type of equipment they sell and can offer warranties on those item and they, along with camera dealers, often have a better idea of reasonable prices and evaluations of condition. I have purchased used or refurbished/demo equipment via ebay from two very reliable dealers Cameta Auctions and KEH. Both of these dealers offer warranties on many, but not all, of the products they sell and have established relationships with manufacturers to get parts and have repairs done by authorized service centers. KEH maintains an extensive, in house, repair facility. If you purchase from one of these companies you can be fairly confident that you will be treated fairly and get reasonable values for your money. If you buy from retail camera stores you should expect them to have evaluated a camera's "suitability for purpose" and give you a fairly good idea of condition and working order. I would normally expect them to have a copy of the instruction manual (either a printed manual or a readable document on CD). I would not buy anything from such a store that didn't include a 7~10 day return privilege if you aren't satisfied with the purchase. Buying from individuals can be very unpredictable but I have had very good luck with people when ever they have had high positive feedback over a period of time. If they have negative feedback I always find the negative reports and read them carefully. If bad reports appear to be cases of "buyer's remorse" or someone having unrealistic expectations I ignore them, otherwise I do not bid. My best experience was finding a set of lenses and camera that amounted to my "dream list" of most desired equipment that would have cost me about $3,800 ~ $4,200 to buy new. This was an "as is" auction from a pawn broker that I won for about $1,800, the only drawback was that one part was missing. It cost me about $100 to get that part replaced. I still use every bit of that equipment today and that was purchased about 4 years ago. I will find links and add to source references below. I am a VERY EXPERIENCED buyer and have dozens of cameras and lenses that I have acquired over the past 45+ years so I am able to buy with great confidence but I have also coached others on how to find good values in camera equipment. One technique I use is to go to the KEH online store and/or similar dealers to see how much I can buy any item being offered for auction for from their store. This helps me to be sure NOT to OVERBID on any items! Why risk buying an auction item from an unknown seller when I can buy it outright for less $$$ from a dealer who will guarantee what they sell? Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you need more help.
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Ainsley Ainsley
If you can stretch to a new entry-level DSLR, I would go for that. The issues aren't the same with used dslr's (compared to 35mm camera), but I would still only buy from sources you trust, and where the unit comes with a comprehensive backup guarantee, just to ensure you're aren't disappointed if the thing doesn't work after a while. Best bet is always new though; after all, this is something you're going to keep for a while! Regards mike
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