How many people knew that Shakespeare was gay before reading this?

How many people knew that Shakespeare was gay before reading this? Topic: How to write a sonnet poem about nature
June 19, 2019 / By Dahlia
Question: Most people believed that Shakespeare wrote his sonnets(love poems) to his wife when in fact they were to a very close male friend.
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Best Answers: How many people knew that Shakespeare was gay before reading this?

Bithia Bithia | 8 days ago
I'm still not sold on the idea that Shakespeare was any kind of a _practising_ homosexual. The Sonnets that speak of sexual passion are mostly written about the "Dark Lady." Shakespeare does say some things about his young male friend and patron that seem awfully gushy by our standards today, but he never talks about romantic involvement with him. Mostly, he encourages his friend to marry a woman and have lots of children so he can pass his good looks on. Then there's the sonnet that kind of wrecks the party, the one that begins "A woman's face with nature's own hand painted," in which Shakespeare goes on and on about how beautiful his male friend is, and what a pity it is that he's a man! (He says this with some pretty lewd puns, so no wonder it's not assigned in school.) Not the sort of thing you'd be writing if you were shacking up with him.
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Ailsie Ailsie
It may be that "most people believed that Shakespeare wrote his sonnets to his wife," but then most people haven't read them. I can't imagine anyone who has read the sonets making that mistake. Yes, most of them are to a young man -- whether the author's relationship with the man was sexual has been a subject of debate for about four hundred years now, but to me there seems little reason other than prudery to doubt it. That Shakespeare found the man attractive is evident to any one who has bothered to read the poems. But the last 26 or 27 sonnets are clearly written to a woman, certainly not his wife, whom critics have called "the dark lady." The author's relationship with this "dark lady" is quite clearly sexual.
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Tommie Tommie
To answer your question, one should place it in a context of the 16th century. The sexual awareness back then does not compare at all to the current one. Especially within the theatre world -where women were banned and female roles were played by young feminine boys- male relationships were not uncommon. Calling him 'gay' is defining him with modern words- and doesn't really fit.
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Raymond Raymond
he was bi..he had like 2-3 kids and I doubt if he liked boys he wouldve been sleeping with whats-her-face unless he thought she just had an "inny" but she'd have had to look like a man.. actually I didnt know..thanks for the history!
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