(easy Q) i need good names and a small towns?

(easy Q) i need good names and a small towns? Topic: Small writing paper
June 19, 2019 / By Daffodil
Question: hello. i am writing a school paper and i need ten boy names and ten girl names! also i need 5 small towns located in the U.S.. please help me!!! thanks!
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Best Answers: (easy Q) i need good names and a small towns?

Bindy Bindy | 7 days ago
Crescent Valley, Nevada Elko, Nevada Battlemountain, NV Beowawe, NV Wells, NV Wendover, UT Sorry got them on a map by looking up smallest town lol John Evans Anthony Jordan Benjamin Christopher James Joshua Aiden Ron Dana Marissa Shelley Shiela Sarah Sandra Fiona Rachel Grace Kelly
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Ailse Ailse
Girls: Arabella Grace Emma Gabriella Ella Zoe' Gabriella Lauren Zoe' Rachel Zoe' Brooke Leigh Brookelyn Love Blake Lynn Bella Elizabeth Boys: Ethan Jacob Alex Blake Corey Chris Travis Paul Tony John John Collin Aaden Joel Joel John Tyler Smith Towns: St. Martinville, Louisiana Houma, Louisiana Round Top, Texas Vail, Colorado Pittsford, New York
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Tommi Tommi
Aaron, Maxwell,Jared, Christopher,Andrew, Travis, Trevor, Jacob, Luke, Wesley Sarah, Lacey, Dana, Juliette, Victoria, Alexa, Amber, Cheyenne, Oakely, Ursula Ellsworth, PA Colliers, WV Strabane, PA Richeyville, PA Houston, PA
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Ray Ray
Alexander Luke Mason Caleb Max Parker John Michael Mateo "Teo" Trevor Lexie Addie Maeve Lucy Kate Anna Izzy Julie Alana Rachel Towns: Pompey, New York Middlebury,Vermont Sayre, Pennsylvania Oberlin, Ohio St. Joesph, Minnesota
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Matania Matania
ok so for names i got: Georgia, Melanie, Josephine, Rosie, Jamie-Rae, Kealsey, Jane, Hailey, Alice, Maggie, Jake, Chris, Bobby, Ryan, Danny, Noah, Logan, Cody, Sam, Theo and for towns: Putnam, Alabama Clallam Bay, Washington Grayling, Michigan Underwood, North Carolina Ellerslie, Louisiana Hope it helps!!
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Jimmie Jimmie
boy names 1.Jason 2.Ian 3.Wilfred 4.Kyle 5.Paul 6.Ronald 7.Owen 8.Hiro 9.Lucas 10.Grayson Girl names 1.Heidi 2.Kimberly 3.Leanne 4.April 5.Riley 6.Kelly 7.Olivia 8.Rose 9.Eden 10.Susan Maybe just make up a town if you can.If not just try to find five small towns in your state.
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