Interactive Media Planning and Buying help?

Interactive Media Planning and Buying help? Topic: What is the media research center
June 19, 2019 / By Cyndi
Question: Does anyone know of any websites or documents that detail the planning / buying process for interactive media.....? Thank you.
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Bibi Bibi | 3 days ago
Marketing Events Calander Welcome to the most comprehensive calendar of upcoming marketing events (that I'm able to put together, anyway). Check out these events to expand your knowledge and your network, and perhaps even generate some new business. Got an upcoming event you'd like to promote? Send me an email at tomATwebmarketcentralDOTcom and we'll add it. February 17-February 23, 2008 Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Forrester Research - Emerging Marketing Channels Cambridge, MA The social shift in consumer behaviors and the proliferation of Internet technologies that facilitate these behaviors has altered the marketing landscape. Rich media like online video and podcasting changes the way people consume media, word-of-mouth marketing shifts the marketing focus from traditional channels, and user-generated content gives consumers greater control over the brand message. This Workshop will introduce these new channels and provide techniques for successfully exploring and leveraging the marketing opportunities that each offers. Marketers will learn how to determine if each channel is right for their brand and develop a plan for how to get started. Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Marketing Research Online Online event If you’re introducing a new product or service you’ll want to know more about the market for that product or service. Join us for an overview of tools to help in investigating market size and potential, consumer demographics, and market and industry trends. This class uses HillSearch databases and is intended to train current and prospective HillSearch members. All log-in information for accessing this online training class will be emailed to you after registration. Wednesday, February 20-Thursday, February 21, 2008 DRTV Management Boot Camp Miami, FL Find out the secrets direct response marketers use to create successful campaigns! There are corporate marketers and successful entrepreneurs that create successful DRTV campaigns over and over again. What are their secrets? Learning from their successes and failures can make the difference. Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Web Design for Magazine Publishers MPA Conference Center, New York By now we all know that any webpage on your site is considered a landing page. In fact, most traffic arriving at your site, especially when coming from the search engines, will not enter through the homepage. So how can you make sure your entire site is designed to attract, retain and monetize traffic? We've identified 10 web pages templates used by today's top publishers that are built to attract and convert traffic. Understanding how to design and optimize each of those pages will increase the chances a visitor will take the action you desire and not click away. Wednesday, February 20-Thursday, February 21, 2008 DRTV Back-End Management: Where Profits Are Won Or Lost Miami, FL Some Direct Response projects never reach their full potential. They roll out but don’t achieve their desired results. Others never even reach the roll-out point. Why? Because marketers don’t handle the “back end” of the business well, working without a clear marketing plan or the experience necessary for success. They haven’t learned the time-tested and proven methods for increasing revenues and decreasing expenses
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Bibi Originally Answered: How to build a interactive user interface?
Do you want your application to be accessible over the web? I would probably use ASP.NET in that case. We use Activexcontrols to host C++ code which might be better since AI algorithms take awhile to process. MATLAB can be hooked up to the web is with ISAPI but I wouldn't recommend it. If you don't need a web interface then pick the programming language your most comfortable with and work with that. C++ has MFC, C# and Java is pretty much have gui designers built right into the IDE. I would avoid programs like Flash since it's built around creating really interactive interfaces and for simply asking the user for some inputs its not worth the effort.
Bibi Originally Answered: How to build a interactive user interface?
I'm kind of at a loss. You are an engineering programmer, but don't know how to work with Client-Side IDE's? Java - Accessible cross-platform, cross-browser, via desktop or internet solutions. Adobe Flex - You can run this as an Air (Desktop) application, or a .swf (Flash Application ) - The IDE is Flex, and this gives you many environments to work in, as well as the very easy to use MXML language markup. MATLAB - Obviously you realize the limitations here. C ++ - You can develop interfaces from the ground up in C++ in less than 100 lines of code. Because you are a programmer, you should understand the definitive logistics and restrictions of real-world applicable techniques and integral functionality. That being said, object interaction can be achieved through a multitude of languages. You can use AJAX, along with JQuery, Frameworks that exist under the language of Javascript. You can easily act alongside of dynamic objects here. If your software is going to use a dynamic 3d ONLINE environment (not desktop-driven), then you're basically stuck with Flash, Java, or an extensible javscript frameowrk library that will end up consisting of Prototype.js, jquery.js, script.alicio.us.js, and lightbox.js. I'm sure that if you want to create a proprietary desktop-driven interface, you'll end up writing in C++ with some C#. By the way - Object oriented programming would be a terrible solution to your request.
Bibi Originally Answered: How to build a interactive user interface?
A good aspiration! I agree it is an excellent website - use it all the time. Wish you the best. You might try asking them to see what they would say - they won't tell you everything but may give some ideas.

Ailey Ailey
even though a human only has to see headlines plus headers in sizeable, bold text, with assorted colors, search engine spiders look for tags to find the importance of word important on the web page. because of this , you must use header tags, etc . to find the importance of phrases, with being the most important subject, and being the very least important.
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Ailey Originally Answered: What is best programming language to use for interactive games on Android OS?
I would suggest learning java BEFORE making an Android application. This is because most Android applications are made in Java (and XML). Also, android itself was written in Java.
Ailey Originally Answered: What is best programming language to use for interactive games on Android OS?
Ambitious? I'll say! I'll remind you it hasn't been since Biblical Times that anybody slayed a Giant with a Slingshot! Another poster said it -- Learn Java FIRST! Which is a tall order by its lonesome, nevermind adding Java for Android to the mix. And acquire some Heavy Artillery before going after Giants!

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