Why do I not have any idea why I want to join the military?

Why do I not have any idea why I want to join the military? Topic: Just war case study
June 19, 2019 / By Cymone
Question: Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to join the military, but when asked the question ''Why?'' I just don't know what/how to answer it. In kindergarden I was told that i would change my mind, didn't happen. Same in 3;5;8 grade. Now that I'm about to finish 9th grade and have only 2 exams left I still am on that mindset, not knowing why. If I do finish 9th grade I will probably choose something construction related study, just in case I don't like it in the military. As there are jobs for that area. I'm awere of what can happen if you are deployed. I do play war oriented games and watch movies like that, but it dosen't seem to be influencing me much. By that I mean ''I'm the badass and can save the world alone''. I do have some tactical thinking, at least in my opinion. I do have a lot of interest in the military vehicles and equipment, specialy WW2 So far my parents have been quite supportive. My family dosen't seem to have much in military background. Only one I know who has been in the military was my father. But that was during the soviet occupation and he was tank commander, deployed to somewhere near the chinese border. @CapsAlt Might be, I've never considered myself smart nor have I taken IQ test (at least not to my memory). Maybe you are right, I should go to the bathroom and shoot my self in the head! @Recruit Izaguirre I don't come from US and will not go there, so there's no our country. Probably should have mentioned this but I'm from Estonia and will probably stay here. I don't realy care for the benefits I get to be honest.
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Bevin Bevin | 2 days ago
Some people just have a feeling of what they want/should do. I'd say go for it. If you are just interested in the military you could see about becoming a War or Military historian.
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Bevin Originally Answered: What if i want to join the military.but?
Go to goarmy.com for the Army jobs; idk for the AF, but they are picky about who they let join. The job you want might not be in the one of them. You have to look at what you want. Then STUDY well for the ASVAB as all jobs have a minimum score you must have to get that job. Then eventually you'll get an option to ship out fast or later. Ship later so you can get things in order here, tell family and friends, enjoy a couple of weeks vacation before you go. Don't let anyone steer you of the job you wants. It's safe to have a back up as well in case you don't score high enough. You'll sign some paperwork, but the papers you sign at MEPS before they ship you to the BCT site are the final ones. You can back out any time before that. Once you swear in, it's final. Recruiters are good to an extent. They do have a quota they must meet. Ask them tons of questions. Some tend to play-up stuff to sell you. Ask about bonuses. U.S. has a volunteer military so a bonus for enlisting is a perk for you joining. You don't have to have any experience in the job you want OR you could pick a job that will pay well if you choose to get out.
Bevin Originally Answered: What if i want to join the military.but?
yes take the asvab and see how you score...if you score high you can quailfy for some MOS's that start off with almost 2 years of training (for example I think the avionics schools are 18 months)...good luck

Ailene Ailene
Well luckily you have time to think about your decision. Personally I did it because I want/wanted to serve my country. Of course there's other things such as educational benefits, job secruity and honor that goes with service. I would want to know why first before commiting youself to our country.
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Ailene Originally Answered: Would it be stupid for me to join the military?
Would you feel stupid serving your country selflessly? The military gives young people an opportunity that relatively few take advantage of . Do you realize that there are fewer than 2% of the population of the United States that have served? If you are a straight A student, then you should also know that "stupid people" couldn't handle a lot of the higher tech jobs in the military. Also, with your grades and a military background, a lot of doors will open for you that stay closed for those that don't serve. I served 9 years in the Marine Corps and haven't regretted a single minute.
Ailene Originally Answered: Would it be stupid for me to join the military?
No, it wouldn't be stupid, if you honestly want to serve your country. It's not an either-or choice. You can do both the military and college. You can enlist at graduation, and go to college after serving four years. Or you can go to college first, and come into the military at a higher rank enlisted or officer. As others have pointed out, there are plenty of intellectually demanding jobs in the military. Take language specialist for instance. Or if you REALLY want to put your brain through a wringer, try for Navy Nuclear School. Few people make it all the way through that course! There's also Intelligence, and some pretty high tech maintenance jobs. The military can put a decent brain to very good use, never fear that. And I knew several brilliant Infantrymen and mechanics as well. Those jobs also require a lot of thinking, though it is more thinking on your feet and less thinking behind a desk, if that makes any sense. JROTC is fine, but it doesn't really have much bearing on your military career. Take it if you want, but not at the expense of an interesting science or technology class.

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