I totally failed chemistry this semester.I'm really down?

I totally failed chemistry this semester.I'm really down? Topic: All homework tutor
June 19, 2019 / By Corrine
Question: I'm a junior and I really struggled with chemistry this first semester. And I actually tried though! I feel like a complete loser and a total idiot. I really didn't get the concept of "moles".It just didn't make sense to my little pea-brain.I even had different people try to tutor me.I just don't know what happened.I got pretty average grades on my homework,but I just flunked all my tests.
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Best Answers: I totally failed chemistry this semester.I'm really down?

Bethany Bethany | 1 day ago
thats happening to me too, well, not failing but a c! and my parents get really mad if i get bs! i dont want to know whats going to happen when they find out! i hate chemistry and they put me in advanced and im just an average student! and i got good grades on all my homeworks just the tests and quizzes i get lousy grades. try working really hard next semester and maybe it will average out at the end as passing with moles- i did NOT get these for the longest time, but once i figured it out i was amazing, but it was too late because that section was over haha any ways, the atomic weight is equal to 1 mol so if you have, lets say 10.10 grams of hydrogen then that is equal to 10 mols of it. if you need anything else explained about mols i might be able to help, or chemistry at all, ill try =]
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Bethany Originally Answered: Wow, i totally failed my first semester? im in college (freshman)?
I believe that you didn't put in sufficient time and effort.But that's over now and you need to face the reality of your poor grades.

Aggy Aggy
I will counter ????'s arrogance by saying that I took the AP test for Chemistry, and got a five...and a five on the Bio test, and a five on the Calc test... the bragging nonwithstanding, the one thing you should understand is that people like different styles of learning - memorizing or logic understanding - what you should do is just memorize the equations and learn how to solve them. for moles - 1 mole is 6.022*10^23 molecules of something. 1 mole of a certain molecule or atom will weight differently from another one, because atoms and molecules can be different in size
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Tikva Tikva
Chemistry isn't for some people. You probably will find something you are excellent at, so don't even let this bring you down. This is an extremely hard subject--you're doing the right things by getting tutors and help so just keep trying. Hope this helps.
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Raleigh Raleigh
Honestly, some people are not wired for chemistry. Stop beating yourself down on it. I know some brilliant people who are freakishly bad at math or science. Now you know that science is probably not the way to go for you and put your attention on something else. Your "little pea-brain" might excel in some other subject. Also, if you need any homework help. reply that you want my email and ill give it to you.
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Marlon Marlon
Hi there.. Sorry to hear that... I believe that each person has different talents and capabilities. Chemistry, maybe is one of the subjects which is not your strong point. It's advisable to try harder than your friends or harder than now. Pay a good attention to the teacher, maybe you missed out some tricky issues when he was teaching... However, there's no point to feel bad for yourself it won't help you to pass the test...All I can say is put yourself together, try harder, aim higher... ;p Good luck -one
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