Dying Helix Nebula Star?

Dying Helix Nebula Star? Topic: Cloud writing paper
June 17, 2019 / By Corona
Question: I'm writing a paper about the dying sun like star in the Helix Nebula, I don't know a whole lot about the planets so im asking if anyone knows what will happen to it and our Milky Way system when it explodes? im curious about this because i learned when our sun dies in about 5 billion years, it releases all the energy its produces in a "Big Bang" type of explosion, thus our sun will destroy earth and most likely everything else in this system. So i'm asking what will or might happen when Helix Nebula dies? and possibly how soon?
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Beth Beth | 9 days ago
Your research so far has been a bit faulty. The star at the centre of the Helix is a white dwarf. It was once a star comparable to our sun. After 10 billion years or so of slow expansion, it became a red giant relatively quickly. After pulsating for tens of thousands of years, it ran out of "fuel". The outer layers of gas and other elements puffed off and could later be seen, as they crashed into the tenuous interstellar gas, as what we call a planetary nebula (which has nothing to do with planets, by the way). The remains of the star is a white dwarf. Nothing dead about it.. You wouldn't want to go near one. The helix nebula is a cloud. It won't explode. There are many planetary nebulae in the galaxy. The white dwarf will fade after probably trillions of years. Our sun is not massive enough to explode. It will also become a white dwarf after ejecting its huge outer layers. We will be long gone before this, probably evolved into something we can't imagine. A billion years from now the planet will be uninhabitable anyway. And the Big Bang was not literally an explosion. It was a huge expansion of something already there. It's where the something came from that's the centre of discussion now. So your research might change direction to, how did the Helix originate, and how does this illustrate the future of our sun?
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Aggi Aggi
"...what will happen to it and our Milky Way system when it explodes?..." When what explodes? The star in the center of the Helix Nebula? That star will never explode because it never had enough mass. What's happened is that it's entered 'old age' and swollen into a red giant star, in the process throwing off great quantities of its mass. That's what forms the huge ring around the star. This is the same fate that our own sun will encounter in about 3- to 3.5-billion years. Like the star in the Helix, our sun won't explode because it lacks enough mass. It will swell into a red giant, certainly consuming Mercury and Venus and frying the surface of Earth. Over longer periods of time it will also begin throwing off much of its outer layers, leaving behind another circular nebula like the Helix.
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