Queries regarding a psychology text book that I'm reading?

Queries regarding a psychology text book that I'm reading? Topic: What is a research problem relationship
June 19, 2019 / By Cornelia
Question: Researchers have developed two tests to measure social interest - Social Interest Scale and Social Interest Index. While Social Interest Scale allows the individuals to choose a word that best describes a characteristic that they would like to posses, Social Interest Index allows the individuals to judge the degree to which the statements represent "themselves or their personal characteristics". However, a major problem with research in social interest is that scores on these two tests show "only a weak relationship with one another." My query are with the sentences within the quotation marks. Aren't "themselves" & "their personal characteristics" mean the same? Why did the author make the effort to seperate the two, if same? Also I didn't understand the disadvantage part. Please clarify. It will be of big help. Thank you, Manoj
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Beta Beta | 8 days ago
One test is measuring characteristics the individual admires or would LIKE to reflect, the other measures to what extent they perceive themselves to actually reflect that characteristic. Sounds to me like you're right (i.e., "themselves" and "their personal characteristics" are virtually synonymous). The "major problem" this author describes is actually quite fascinating, and could represent an area ripe for further research. What he's saying, is that these two tests measuring "social interest" are NOT necessarily measuring the same construct (hence they are only weakly correlated), though they are intended to do so. This means two things. The first is that there is not a consensus on the meaning of the construct. These two tests might be measuring two relatively uncorrelated aspects of the SAME construct, however. The next is that a "low" score on one instrument may not necessarily mean you would receive a "low" score on the second instrument. In other words, clinicians should interpret the results with great caution. ~Dr. B.~
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Agatha Agatha
when I studied first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days psychology I used Psychology: concern concerns and variations by using Wayne Weiten. Mine replaced into the sixth version, i imagine the present is the eighth. it truly is quite good, yet I anticipate it covers in most situations the same matters. also it truly is American, no longer that it truly is quite damaging. yet another element that would want to help is a psychological dictionary. the full is virtually actual the APA Dictionary of Psychology, which defines some twenty-5 thousand words.
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Tibby Tibby
thats the whole point... seperating some one with the same aspects, she wants you to answer the question but look around the breif scales of the problems, via to what she was asking, its pshycology its meant to be complicated, its meant to be a puzzle, but "themselves"and "their personal characteristics are 2 accual different things- look at someone and they may feel comfertable around someone else or being themself, that would describe that person as being comfertable by being themselves because themselves could be someone that doesnt know themself, they might not even know who they are but yet they class the word themselves because there comfterable around themself. and their characterisitcs is the problem but a similar aspect of what she is asking, are they the same? (no?......) because themselves- (like i said) and their personal characteristics are different, its meant as a slplit direction within the mind! and doing things that you love which revolves around their personal characteristics, which could be laughing or being humble, doing things that they love. the weak relationship could just be the limit to which is a key or bonus in the puzzle of pshycology. so there weak then that just means looking around that aspect and dealing with it..
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Tibby Originally Answered: APA format psychology in-text citation?
It's usually good to find the original source that the article is referring to -- however, if you can't do so, you would still want to name the exact source of information that's cited in that article -- and cite the article itself for the reference list and the parenthetical in-text citation. See example in OWL's section for "citing indirect sources": http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resour... Just an aside: Depending on what your professor is asking for, you may want to look for peer-reviewed journal articles for information -- media articles, such as those in TIME, Psychology Today, etc. would not generally be considered strong sources.

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