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June 19, 2019 / By Coral
Question: Most people think of black nail polish and cutting when they hear the word “emo.” Well they’re partially right and yet they’re also wrong. Emo means Emotional. It’s not just a cool style or a genre of music. It’s a way of looking at life in a stereotypical way. Most emo kids have been hurt in the past and express their pain or feelings by cutting or writing poetry. Not all emos cut so don’t believe the typical stereotype most people imply when they hear emo. I should know because I’ve been branded as emo due to my behavior and my favorite genres of music I listen to. I don’t mind being called emo really. I have cut before but only once, I love dark clothes, and I write poetry and express myself in various ways. I’m also a crier but that doesn’t make me a wimp or a crybaby either. Everyone has heard of the screamo bands, BrokenCYDE and Blood on the Dancefloor (B.o.T.d.F). I think that many songs by those two bands explain how many people think and feel about many things. B.o.T.d.F sings songs mostly about sex but BrokenCYDE does mostly feelings about how shitty life and love can be. Many people can relate. I can relate most definitely to a song called “I Don’t Know” by BrokenCYDE. It talks about someone who grew up in a world of pain and hate who doesn’t know if they should stay or go. The song is deep and full of meaning even though the tone is dark, depressed, and angry. Anyways, growing up in pain isn’t easy and can have very serious consequences. A traumatized person sometimes can never recover. I’m not sure if I ever will recover from what has happened to me, but my closest friend Cody says I will be fine. I believe him. He’s really the only person I ever trusted who didn’t hurt me badly enough to lose my trust. He had a rough life too and we can relate. I can relate to a lot of people. I’m full of empathy for a lot of people like myself. I understand fear, pain, sadness, and neglect. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and there’s not enough dog to go around. There’s a lot of greed, a lot of desperation, and a lot of hyped bullshit. Life is too precious to get rid of but it’s done every day. People die, get killed, and/or commit suicide every day and not too many people even care. But we do. Emo people care about other people and other creatures. That’s part of being emotional. Another part is the empathy of people’s pains. We sympathize and empathize whenever we see a person in pain. So many things happen to people everyday and none of it is funny so why do people laugh at the misfortunate? It’s because they’re insecure, don’t care, or they could think the pain the victim feels is all an act to get attention when in reality, its real. It’s kinda sad really when you think about it. Many people should just ******* wise up and be mature instead of hurting people. What good does it do anyway? Why hate on people? Seriously, what’s the ******* point? There is none. There is no real point except to feel powerful. You can feel powerful by not doing or saying **** that hurts people. We’re all human, we’re all the same, and we are all equal. We’re all living creatures on Earth and we should respect it. Animals and plants live on Earth too and they have feelings as well. All living creatures have feelings whether people know or not; whether they care or not. Think about it. Aspects in life aren’t as simple to understand as they seem. Life isn’t about death or pain. Life is about living a life you choose to lead and make your own decisions. Don’t let someone else choose for you or you might regret it no matter how things turn out. Never let another choose your future ‘cause its not up to them to choose it. Your life is yours, don’t let anyone control it or take it away from you. That’s pretty much all I have to say for now about life. In case anyone read this, which I doubt, you can talk to me if you need someone to talk to. I won’t turn you away. I care about anyone in need. I’m an Emo Kid and proud to be. Spread the love. Peace, y’all.
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Beryl Beryl | 3 days ago
ACTUALLY Emo was originally a genre of music but was blamed for a suicide and somehow evolved into the stereotype. I totally understand what you are saying, though:) It's sadly true that people are so hating and judgemental. But to be honest, BrokeNCYDE and Blood on the Dance Floor are not the most "emo" bands. Just sayin'. Well spread the message to stop hating!! Good luck!!
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Africah Africah
I think it's ridiculous that people are that way. For some odd reason, I love emo kids. No, i am not one, but for some reason, I do love them. It's sad that people make fun of people like that and most HAVE had emotional issues or tragedies in the past. Cutting is how they express their feelings. Society is corrupted and you seem like an awesome person.<3 People like you show that change can be made. B.o.T.d.F is pretty awesome, too :)
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