How many of you would use this quote?

How many of you would use this quote? Topic: Everyday use essays
June 19, 2019 / By Constance
Question: "Everything is fate and fate is inevitable. Just remember when one door closes another one opens." -Shaline (me)
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Best Answers: How many of you would use this quote?

Bertie Bertie | 1 day ago
i wouldn't use it in everyday life but if i was writing an essay on fate then i might refer to it if that was the point that i was arguing.
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Attributions are placed in quotation marks for direct quotes. If you are paraphrasing a work, be clear this is what you are doing. If you are a scholar, you would check the source you are citing to make sure it is original and not copied.

Affton Affton
I wouldn't use it at all to be honest. "when one door closes another door opens" is already a quote and you have just stuck a prefix on about fate :S This quote is about life and opportunity...not about inevitability. A good quote presents or argues one controversial statement and explains it (usually metaphorically) ..and yours is just gluing together two dissimilar topics. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I'm just being honest and that's my opinion!
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Thornton Thornton
mhm i like this quote i would use it wen im in a struggle or facing a conflict and don't know who to blame good job btw :)
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If a quote is very old, the meaning has been agreed upon by scholars for decades, and if it's more recent, current literary scholars agree on the author's ideas. Students will have some variation on how they express an idea of course, but if you're far away from the interpretation that many literary scholars agree is correct, then the teacher can say you're wrong. Thousands of people major in English literature each year, and most questions about any writers have been resolved and agreed upon by countless professors. This is one area of knowledge that seems open for discussion, and in fact it is not. You're free to disagree in your own mind, but not in class. If you're being given quotes you don't know, you should ask your teacher to meet with you after class one day and ask her how you can better prepare for the weekly quotes interpretation. Maybe your teacher picks a quote that relates to topics your class has discussed, even in other subjects such as history.

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