Wich phone should i get?

Wich phone should i get? Topic: How to write an about me page photography
June 19, 2019 / By Conradine
Question: im going to get another phone (i used to have the iphone but my friend threw it and the screen broke) so i have some options but i dont know wich one to choose 1.blackberry storm 2.rumor touch 3.blackberry curve 4.sidekick (dont know how to write it?) 5.iphone 4 (but my parents say its gonna break like the other one?) this are all the options ive got (well the options my parents gave me) im 11 by the way so wich one would be best for an 11 year old girl
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Bertha Bertha | 10 days ago
you can try this page to get the best mobile for you by yourself: http://www.jawal123.com/Publicpages/Prod... Tell it first about your job or interest such as (I am a businessman, or I love photography etc..), then use the quick filters such as brand, style, camera, Price range etc.. Good luck!
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Affrikah Affrikah
the best telephone I even have ever used, and that i'm nonetheless applying till immediately (in actuality I even have 2 of them), is the Sony Ericsson P910i. It does each and every thing, and not in basic terms like the blackberry, it runs on a Symbian working gadget, which doesnt have as many issues as maximum blackberrys. i'm working a 4gig card with all my song and photos that i ought to opt for. It has each and every thing that each and every physique the telephones you have listed have, and extra, plus a good number of unfastened downloadable application. and that i think of its with regard to a similar fee because of the fact the blackberry... you may consistently pass one step up and get the P990i, yet i hit upon that a sprint extra finicky... in the tip, the alternative is yours, take a attempt run with each and all of the telephones, see them in actual existence and play with them for a jiffy, then make certain...
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Thorley Thorley
blackberry storm definitly even tho you too young to get a fone tell your parents their too indulgent and people like them are why the country is down the tubes.
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Quincy Quincy
ur 11 and getting these types of phones. i think u should just get a simple plain phone. but. if u want one really badly, get the curve.
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