Was I wrong or the angry hairdresser?

Was I wrong or the angry hairdresser? Topic: Order of the sister wives
July 24, 2019 / By Nerissa
Question: Ok so I went to the haircutter and I was looking for a Redken shampoo. They didn’t have it so they guy running the salon asked me if he should order it for me. I said ok. Then when I got to my car I remembered they sell it at the grocery store so I bought it from there. I went back to the salon (the store is approx. 30 seconds away from the salon) and I tell the guy I found the shampoo but they didn’t have the conditioner so I don’t want the shampoo I just want the conditioner. The guy got mad and was like “you’re wasting my time” and what not because he already ordered them. Then he angrily gave me my money that I spent on the old shampoo. (I previously bought the wrong shampoo and wanted to return it and buy the Redken). This all happened within 5 minutes so I don’t know his problem. I mean come on call up Redken and say cancel the order. They aren’t going to ship it in 5 minutes. I’ve been going to this salon for 8-10 years (he’s been working there since then) so I was just thinking to myself that why the hell is he blowing up on me when I pay him...he doesn’t pay me. I don’t have to go to his salon...there is one down the street. I suspect he was getting mad because he had to give me my money back. So whose is wrong? sorry that was long... thanks i was just sanding there nodding my head because i was thinking....WHAT no one was even in the salon...but i was still wasting his ime...god knows how that happens i think he has anger problems. His wife works there and she said she won't let any of her daughters marry a Greek person (they are Greek) because Greeks have anger problem NOT BEING RACIST. I'm stating what his wife said you know know that i think about the hairdressers there they are b****** I remeber a while a go his wife told my friend her hair was like a lion's mane. My friend was very embarrassed my sisters want to get their haircut this week so he'll see me there (i have to go or else i'll be hime alone). They most likely won't go to the other salon since we've been going here for a long time sorry about the additional details LOL
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Lucile Lucile | 10 days ago
As 'annoying' as he thought you were, he had no right to treat you that way. YOU're the customer, and deserve respect. He might have found it annoying that you couldnt make up your mind, and had him ordering and cancelling orders. Even so, it was not right of him to treat you that way. I would've just said, "Forget it. I dont want any more business with YOU". And walked away.
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Kaycee Kaycee
You're both wrong. While he should have contained himself better, you don't know what his day might have been like. Maybe before you walked in he was having another customer issue, or he was responsible for opening the shop, or anything else. Perhaps he was annoyed b/c "first you want it, then you don't, oh, never mind, just the conditioner". You could have let the order go (then you'd have more stuff). While you might think it takes 5 minutes to make that call, maybe after you left he DID, and now he had to call again and cancel and change it. Nowadays companies you have to order things with are real pains about how orders are handled. And blame that on the computers. Maybe he was annoyed that you went down to the grocery to get it. Maybe he's heard stuff about YOU from other hairdressers in the shop. So many variables here. If it really bugs you go the other hair shop.
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Honey Honey
The customer is always right... although I do believe there is some cutoff about a person in retail having to kiss major a$$ to unreasonable people, I dont think it was an unreasonable thing at all. I mean, you spent more time running around looking for and asking about the product than he did making his 2 minute phone call and you certainly werent getting paid for your time. Still, I would just chalk it up as a funny thing. People like that actually entertain me in some way... I mean, how sad would it be to have a life like that where little bitty things like that actually bother a person?? Imagine how he might handle it when things actually really do go wrong! Some people just walk around with this attitude and an undeserved sense of entitlement. They think it's Paris Hilton shiek - but even if walking around with a big red clown nose was the "thing" these days - uh, it really does just look stupid after all! LOL - and so did he...
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Edda Edda
he is probably familiar with you since you have been his customer foe more than eight years.Perhaps you also know his character by now.There must be something else than a mistaken shampoo problem.What ever it is you are the person who is directly involved in this case.You have not stated whether you ask him anything or en quire why he was very angry.The fact is not clear to make any judgment although the general principal is the customer is always right.Yes you may be right in so far as the business is concerned but the Human factor in any business determined the relationship between the buyer and the seller.It is inconceivable to think that you as a customer of eight years can get into a dispute over a silly shampoo...there must be other hidden facts that you are not revealing.The seller is not always wrong and the customer is not always right.
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Chantelle Chantelle
Maybe he gets some sort of commission. But the "customer is always right" so if you only wanted the conditioner, I don't see what the problem is. Did he phone the order in or on paper? I'm assuming by paper, so he could have just written out a new order. As long as you were polite, he was wrong. EDIT: what? is the hair guy on here giving everyone thumbs down?
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Anstey Anstey
He might have ordered it already. Then he had to call back and cancel...not to mention they actually may have in fact already shipped the order. You simply don't know. I can see how that might irk him. Most stores that do special orders consider the deposit non-refundable. He should have explained that to you, but it's not totally his fault. While his attitude was not necessary, you should understand what the store policy is before you pay a deposit on a special order. Also, the customer is absolutely NOT always right. That old adage might have worked when customers weren't jerks...and I'm not saying you're a jerk....but there are customers who should not be tolerated because they are abusive scammers. Welcome to 2008, folks.
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Zach Zach
It takes no extra time to smile at the customer and cancel an order. So you got the product somewhere else. He was petty to take it as a personal slight. Perhaps it's time to go haircutter shopping.
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Sherwood Sherwood
He sounds like an b*tchy hair-dresser to me. Maybe try another salon these people sound rude. They should understand that they are running a business and that by treating a customer with disrespect they are doing alot of damage and building a bad rep.....I can't believe how arrogant people can be....That's not proffesional or customer oriented at all. You didn't do anything wrong!
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Nun Nun
He sounds like a drama queen.Go to a new salon.He's not the only game in town.If he doesn't value a long time customer,he deserves to lose you as a client.
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