Relationship advice; Is this guy just playing with my emotions?

Relationship advice; Is this guy just playing with my emotions? Topic: Ups jobs application positions available positions
July 24, 2019 / By Jonna
Question: My boyfriend is 31 and I'm 28. We've been together a little over a year and living together almost as long. Lately things have been sour. He said that he just didn't really feel anything for me anymore and he felt trapped. So I sent applications for jobs in another state and informed him that as soon as a position becomes available I will leave, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Two days after this he tells me that he loves me and doesn't want me to move out, yet he's offered no other sign of the relationship moving forward and still feels uncomfortable with me flying up with him to meet his 6 year old son. So, do I go ahead and take the job and go or continue to stay?
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Genie Genie | 9 days ago
If this is the nature of his behavior, what makes you think you're on solid ground? EVENTUALLY, the relationship WILL end (unless you get married and live happily ever after like in the fairy tales). If he is already emotionally unstable, and doesn't know what he wants - end it NOW, for a better tomorrow. The problem is fear. People would rather remain in a broken relationship, enduring the treacherous storms therein, than face the uncertainty and sadness of being singe. I understand. You would rather stay in the torment of this familiar setting, than venture out into uncharted territory. What if you never find the right guy after this? What if you stay single until you become old? What if this is your ONLY chance, and leaving him would blow it? What if you never find something better? These questions must be running through your mind with vigor, impairing your ability to think rationally and logically (of which preside above sentimentality). Those questions are webs of falsehoods, spinning a foul recipe for personal ruin. REMEMBER, love is a mental illness. http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB1... Take the job and go.
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find yourself so you don't get lost, this will help you see the full picture and find the right path for you to follow to get where your suppose to be Start a journal, ask research Q (who, what, where, when, why, how) our minds change the subject when its painful, and you must come to the reality of all the splintered parts of your emotions. Like a death of a child you have to face it accept the reality of it, then adjust yourself and mental state to it before you can move on. You can make an entry once a week and thats what I do advise, as you do that you will gain insightful knowledge about yourself, and an awareness about others. Best of all you find out how uniquely special you are and you gain strength and self esteem, and it will help you get to the other side quicker but its emotional, but if you don't that emotional state will last months or years longer than with his method.

Delaney Delaney
Look im on the same boat as you there scared to let us go cause they been with us a while and they dont want to be along for know you need to go off and think what is good for you because once he finds another his out the boor and you with a broken heart the love is not there any more once they start treating you like **** a nobody honey its time to let go its hard but youll survie
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Brooklyn Brooklyn
Never stay somewhere your not wanted.FACT. you need to set things straight with him once & for all if it's not what you wanna hear pack your bags baby! Your not getting any younger ..time to start planning for your future honey & maybe that move in together was to soon. Im just saying
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Alix Alix
Hi sweet! Yes take the job! If you feel it isn't right, go find someone who is worth your time and makes you feel good about yourself, not someone who just messes you around :)
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Uriah Uriah
ask your self this, are you happy with how things are now ? because if he doesnt show signs of wanting the relationship to progress, then chances are he never thought about progressing them .
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