My parents get angry at me for being "too sensitive" and "selfish". help?

My parents get angry at me for being "too sensitive" and "selfish". help? Topic: S case sensitive
July 24, 2019 / By Anetta
Question: I don't know what to say anymore. I have nothing to say to defend myself when they are angry at me because they just make a sorry comeback. They are always right, no matter what.. so they tell me that I'm "too god damn sensitive", "selfish", a "crybaby", ect. I am very sensitive, I know that. And I am greedy, but only with things that are mine. For example, I buy all of my own products myself. And when my mom constantly goes in my bathroom and uses my stuff, and even asks me if she can keep it, yes.. I get upset, because I paid for it with my own money. But when I get upset when my mom wants me to give her something of mine, she yells at me because I'm being "selfish" and that I only care about myself. Meanwhile, I paid her $2.00 extra for hair dye I asked her to pick up for me. When I get upset, my dad tells me that I'm a cry baby and that I need to learn to grow up. I deal with my stress, confusion, anger, and sadness by crying (silently) .. and apparently that makes me selfish and a cry baby. But, it's okay that my dad deals with his stress by yelling and slamming things, right? I don't know what to do anymore. Once I get upset, I can't stop crying for up to an hour. And my parents keep telling me that I have no reason to cry, and I need to "get over it." What do I tell them in defense of myself without being too rude? By the way, I have depression, ADD, and anxiety, in case that makes a difference. Usually, everything is fine. Yeah, my dad still gets pissed off at small things, but they don't yell at me unless I don't do what they want me to do. Example, today my little sister was texting during dinner and my dad told her not to, and to put away her phone like I did. When I do what he wants, it's fine. But once I do something that my parents don't agree with, like not give my mom something of mine, they treat me as if I'm a 10 year old crying about not getting their way.
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Wilburn Wilburn | 4 days ago
You just tell them straight out how you feel... tell your mom that yes the sheit in your bathroom that you paid for is yours and that being selfish is someone that doesn't give things away just for spite... not because you just won't give them somethin this one time... even if you don't give them anything ever... who cares... it's yours and you can do with it how you please... that's called freedom. And so what if you're a crybaby... some guys like that because then they can be the shoulder for you to cry on =)
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Sawyer Sawyer
Im sorry to hear you have to go through that. Its tough, the most you can do is talk to a teacher or someone else you trust and rely on your friends, stay at their house whenever you can to get away. You should talk to a school counselor and maybe he/she can give you advice on how to work with your parents and show them how what they're doing is making you feel and affecting you. If you go to a family counselor they will help you all work with each other and learn to respect each other and listen and not just rage and call ur kid a crybaby.
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Nathan Nathan
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Kerr Kerr
They're being immature and selfish. They don't like it when you cry and will do anything to get you to stop, even be mean to you. It's unhealthy and it's not right. Just because you express things differently than them doesn't make you selfish or a crybaby.
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Howel Howel
dude, those parents would have me smokin everyday!!...yea, my parents also like to hurt my ego too, but u kno what, i have learned to ignore them and tune out what they say. I dont even communicate when they are angry or whatever, because two wrongs dont make a right, seriously..
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Howel Originally Answered: Selfish mom!what to do?
First of all, "her son" is your brother. Have you attempted to talk with him in any grown-up sort of manner? If you can't get out what you want to say to her while being around her, try writing her a letter (handwritten, not an email). Spill out all your feelings in as clear a manner as possible. As a mother myself, I am sure that she does NOT hate you. I have seen it time and time again where one child seems to be favored more than another. I have five children at home, one of my own, and four stepchildren. My husband loves each of his children equally, yet in a different manner for each. If you still can't find a way to deal with it all, seek help from a professional counselor. They work wonders. Good luck with it all.

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