Do you think Animals have emotions and feelings too?

Do you think Animals have emotions and feelings too? Topic: Newspaper articles on animal cruelty
July 24, 2019 / By Airla
Question: like Chickens and cows then they must feel bad and sad when they're slaughted, isn't it?? i'm so sorry for them:d
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Best Answers: Do you think Animals have emotions and feelings too?

Topher Topher | 4 days ago
Yes, that's why dogs whine and there is a law against animal cruelty in some nations. Before you feel sorry for chickens and cows for being slaughtered think that if we aren't killing animals for food we are killing plants because: 1. An Indian scientist or whatever discovered that trees can talk. 2. A Salt Lake Tribune newspaper article title Soul Searching says that: a. A Bengalese scientist conducted experiments where plants reacted to electrical and other stimuli by writing their signatures on a piece of smoked glass. b. In the 1970's a research scientist conducted an extensive man-plant communication experiment and found plants react more to the thought of being burned, cut or torn than the actual act. 3. A website says plants have rudimentary feelings like happiness and pain. We have to eat something to survive. If your religious and believe in the afterlife Christ taught people to treat animals and people the way you want to be treated. He fished which showed according to the stories that you can kill animals to eat. Some people that have had near death experiences said they have seen Christ and God. However what I posted about plants proves my point.
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Reagan Reagan
That depends on which animal. Chickens and cows do have emotions, but they don't feel sad as they're killed almost instantly (most of the time).
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