Why do adults say teen life isn't stressful?

Why do adults say teen life isn't stressful? Topic: Student doing tons of homework
July 24, 2019 / By Katlyn
Question: I wake up at 5 in the morning to go to school for 7 hours having to deal with tons of work and immature classmates. I go home after school to get dressed for work and head straight there not getting off till 10 or 11 . When I get home im drained and still have to worry about the homework that's due the next day. I never get to eat because my job is way to busy for me to have a break and when I get home I don't feel like cooking. Im a senior in high school so college, test, scholarships, and extra curricular activities are also in the equation. I do have my own car and pay bills. Please don't make any rude comments. Is there something I can do to make life less stressful?
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Hilary Hilary | 6 days ago
My first concern is whether or not you actually need to work to help support your family. I understand wanting to have a car but not sure what bills a student would have yet. The stress as an adult comes from responsibility, not just being busy all the time. If you live with your parents still would it be possible to not work or only work on the weekends? Over extending yourself is a quick way to get burnt out. I would suggest scaling your activities back to the only the absolutely necessary. You have the rest of your life to stress about money and time. Good luck.
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Hilary Originally Answered: Do I let a gossipy friend know full details about a stressful period in my life?
Do NOT tell your friend about your situation. She will just use it to mock you even worse. Besides, you shouldn't have to give her an explanation, or feel like you have to prove yourself. She is what I would call a "Friend-emy". After spending time with a good friend, you should feel happy and good about yourself. She seems to only be happy bringing you down. She may be doing it out of insecurity or jealousy, but that's no excuse for her to be that way. Try talking to her alone and tell her that you value her as a friend, but it really hurts you when she makes snide remarks about your past mistakes. If she ends up feeling bad and apologetic, then keep her as a friend. But if she doesn't care, and continues making snide remarks, then I would stop hanging around her. Surround yourself with better friends who will be supportive, and not hurt you. Good luck!

Eavan Eavan
I've never heard anyone say life isn't stressful. If you want life to be less busy, you're going to have to cut some things out of the picture, like the extracurriculars. You don't need them.
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Chance Chance
I do all those things and a year behind you I just make movie weekends with my friends and we hangout till like 5 in the morning, it's a nice refresher I do that like every second week that or road trips which I do often for orthodontist.
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Anona Anona
Because as an adult, there are a lot more responsibilities, as opposed to being a teen, such as keeping your job, buying food, caring for children, and paying rent and other bills.
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You have officially hit what my fellow profs and I call The Wall: 1. more, 2. of better quality, 3. will be required of you in a fraction of the time you've ever known. That's why college is Education. Everybody bitched about 1 1/2 hours of homework a night from the 6th grade one. Now you're finding out that you were spoiled and given no tools to cope with REAL expectations because everyone, parents included, was afraid of teenagers. In college NOBODY is afraid of you. Too bad,man--complaining that nobody ever taught you how to swim won't help when the ship is going down. But be grateful--in your freshman year all they're doing is pushing you off the dock in shallow water, and you can still swim back to the dock. But the flunkout statistics have always proven that there are always people who will resist learning to swim and will spend enormous energy learning how to drown in 3 inches of water. Which one will YOU be? Try asking a prof for help? One problem is that nobody ever taught you how to read efficiently or even write at all. Get someone to show you. And they won't run after you--it's YOUR responsibility.

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