Is it possible to control your emotions and be in charge if you are Bipolar?

Is it possible to control your emotions and be in charge if you are Bipolar? Topic: Cursing writing and learning
July 24, 2019 / By Devan
Question: I've read a lot on Bipolar. Ofcourse there is depression. Ofcourse there are some weird stuff attached to being Bipolar for some people. However, is there anyone who learned how to control their emotions? No medicine no nothing. Just patience to learn your ability/disability, know what triggers you and use this in your benefit? I'm not in denial but i don't see bipolar as something bad IF the person can control the emotions and KNOW that "this depression will soon go away" and just go ahead and amuse themselves with the speedy thoughts! I can sit the whole afternoon, plot a complete movie and be the main star in it...and really enjoy this. Then I get back to reality and I feel "elg". But this is normal, because the movie is not real, but this real life is! Everybody that deals with me tells me I'm different. But I enjoy it. Maybe Bipolar gives people an edge when it comes to analyzing someone? you note the expressions, you process really quick how fake this person is or how real. It's like having a database of everything you know about stored in your head. Every situation that appears, it seems like you can "google" it up in your database and just deal with it. i really think that Bipolar is a small upward step in human evolution...i don't see anything wrong with it? maybe for people whom have a really extreme bipolar disorder? I have no clue...as you can see, i wrote so much, yet most are questions and maybe some won't even understand. All I want to know is, what if Bipolar could be used to control emotions? (the edge we have over normal). what do you think? let's make this educative... Hmmmm... what about the speed thoughts and seeing simplicity in everything to find a way out? it literally like being there, being in a situation, do a google search in your mind, and do it/deal with it/get out of it. i must be confused or asked my question wrong... but after doing some research online, i've placed myself in most bipolar symptoms... and after puzzeling everything together, this is how my mind functions. I live on a tiny little island in the Caribbean, it's pretty beautiful here. Sometimes when i feel bad, and I get the feeling of "not wanting to get out of bed"..feeling tired etc etc...i get out i make a trip around the island, and believe it or not, the beauty sourrounding me relaxes my mind like nothing else! Then suddenly i go by a refinary, and I see all the smoke and all that bad stuff and it really really hurts me, I can park by the road get out, take pictures, sit there and just curse and curse and curse and feel so terrible...i go home so irritated...then when I get home, there comes my dog, with that expression on her face (any dog owner knows that "huh?" face look) as to "wtf is going on with him now"...and there I smile, i enter my house greet everyone, then again i feel good because there is my family.. so thats a pretty simple example...things that in reality don't have anything to do with me, but at the end of the day, they do because they're my surroundings. I dont know if i shall seek any help? I really know how to work it out, but if i try to explain my way of dealing with my life to anyone else, they wouldn't understand. im not good at math... however i really really see troublesolving in real life, either through talking out of it, making right/wrong decisions that in the end were right. someone else said it before you have 10 different people giving you 10 different addresses in your head. i get that same type of thing sometimes, but the difference is, i try to atleast listen to the streetnames...something that later on, whe ...something that later on, when I sit, my mind can trace back...atleast the street name..so i can go on from there... i know, this sounds so weird but i went through so much, you wouldn't even imagine.
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Candi Candi | 5 days ago
There's cognitive behavioural therapy It works towards training you to be able to cope better with life and control your thoughts better. You can also begin to pick up on warning signs that you're about to have an episode and seek help in advance from a psychologist or psychiatrist. The common factors for me are winter, feeling lonely and high levels of stress. Don't feel like you have to get through mental illness on your own. It's a good thing if you're thinking that the depression will go away soon, that's the best frame of mind to be in! You must be really strong. Do you actually have bipolar? I'm a bit confused? IT does't sound like you do from your question but I don't know.. You sound like your a fantasiser, I am too, I live in my own mind a lot. It's a coping mechanism when my life gets hard I just live someone else's for a while. It's great because it helps me write a lot. I don't think it's a symptom of bipolar, I don't have bipolar, it's just a personality thing.
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Candi Originally Answered: What's a good way to not let emotions take control over you?
Try to rationalize. You are emotional correct? This won't be easy to do, but it is possible. You have to catch yourself and take yourself apart from the situation. You have to sit yourself down and give yourself time because quite often when we rush into conclusions and solutions or resolutions, it's the emotions that drive us, not our logic. Good luck and start to rationalize, question yourself "Does this make sense? Why am I freaking out? Why am I angry?" When you practice this, your mind will start to come back into sync with logic.
Candi Originally Answered: What's a good way to not let emotions take control over you?
Yes they do let their emotions control their thinking, and so do men. We are all human beings, some of us are more sensitive than others, whether it be female or male, there is no difference. There are women out there, like some men, who act upon sexual urges. Not just men are sexual beings. I'm basically telling you that we are equally the same.
Candi Originally Answered: What's a good way to not let emotions take control over you?
Think - get into a process of thinking that involves calculating and rational thought, measuring, reasoning, routine. That can often get you out of emotional tailspins. You're in a bit of a battle, and I suggest letting her rip and not fighting it so much. It's when you struggle against feeling that it becomes the most difficult. You are going to be emotional - that's part of your nature. Becoming more open with people can provide some relief for that. Cancer sun-sign is very imaginative. When they are tuned in to their own natural rhythms, Cancerians are imaginative, intuitive and resourceful, often realizing when it's good to reach out to others and when to back off, withdrawing into their inner self. When in sync with their life, Cancerians are resourceful, imaginative and have natural intuition. They seem to know when and how to reach out to others in need and also when to withdraw within themselves. At the same time they have the dilemma of being ambitious and forceful while being sensitive and nurturing. This makes it practically impossible to understand the Cancerians contradictive nature and certainly how to deal with one. Cancerians sometimes experience trouble deciding between the ambitious, tough and outgoing side of their nature and the somewhat sensitive, inward looking part of themselves. This can cause inner conflict and mood swings, making it almost impossible for others to assess how they will react to a given situation.

Amanda Amanda
Wow very bipolar is difficult to manage. You undoubtedly wish to study it and perhaps actually have a therapist of your possess to speak to approximately it while it will get difficult. It is helping too if he's going to permit you to visit his appointments with him or even have the believe that he's going to permit you to talk along with his general practitioner/therapist as good. I've been there with two exceptional men and permit me inform you if they do not keep on their meds or uncover one in order to support them you're in for a bumpy experience. I would inform you a few loopy studies. I determined it very tough to realize (given that I do not have bipolar) in which he (the primary one) used to be coming from alot of the time. The moment one I flat out instructed him he used to be past me and whatever I would do due to the fact that he would not search support and he used to be making me loopy via now not letting me sleep and stuff so we cut up beautiful rapid. He used to be so up and down! You have got to have your bf's believe and be wary of ways you phrase matters for certain. It can also be treated even though, I have a feminine pal that's at the correct meds. When she wasn't you knew it too. It took awhile to uncover what labored for her however they did. What upsets her approximately individuals is that she will get irritated, burdened, or disenchanted approximately stuff identical to we do over the equal matters we do and individuals love to blame any temper she is in on her bipolar which is not the case. You can not be joyful at all times.
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Do you know the difference between an exaggeration and a lie? There is none. Now look at your question up there and rewrite it.

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