Mixed emotions about loosing my virginity to a one night stand?

Mixed emotions about loosing my virginity to a one night stand? Topic: Comfort case shoes
July 24, 2019 / By Janelle
Question: well im 19 y.o girl and i've been wanting to loose my virginity forever but i never had a boyfriend to do it with. last night i went to a party and got drunk then went to an after party and got more drunk and i ended sleeping with some guy i dont even know. i didnt even know his name. it wasnt pleasurable and it hurt alot. he wasnt very sweet during it which i dont blame him im not anyone special to him but he knew i was virgin so i thought maybe that meant something to him (i know im naive). but at the same time i felt bonded with him. i couldnt even look at his face afterwards. he texted me this morning asking to hang out tonight at midnight but i pulled an all nighter thinking about what had happened then i had to go to work and i have no energy. and he just called me right now and idk what to say i cant even look at his facebook page but at the same time i really like him but then again i dont know him at all and i heard he's a player and he sleeps around and i just dont know. i kinda want to have sex with him again but i feel like that will make things worse. i feel so sick to stomach and idk why. maybe it's the lack of sleep? should i open up to him and tell him all my feelings about loosing it to him? or will i sound like a fool? like i cant stop thinking about all this
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Ernestine Ernestine | 1 day ago
If I were in your shoes, I would not mention anything to him at all. I wouldn't talk about losing your virginity to him until you become close and have known each other for quite some time, and you are friends that way you will feel comfortable talking to him and he will also feel comfortable talking about it with you. It's normal to feel that way after losing your virginity. Everybody wants their first time to be nice and special with somebody whom they love and care for, and hopefully planned to, however it's not always the case and now the thing for you to do is to try and find some source of comfort, move on and get over the whole experience. You are young and we all make mistakes, but this is one of your mistakes to learn from. My advice to you is not to sleep with him again. You are already have mixed emotions about losing your virginity to him and if you have sex with him, it won't make you feel better at all. Also, after losing your virginity you do feel sore down below and it's comfortable for a number of times, so the best thing to do is to wait at least until you feel better and comfortable. If he is a player then he is only interested in you for sex and if you give it to him then he will move on and find somebody else, and boys don't want to be in a relationship with a girl who gives out easily. Get to know him first and become friends, and then maybe boyfriend & girlfriend. If he's a player stay away and find somebody else who will love you. You're young and have plenty of time to fall in love. Good luck xoxo
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Ernestine Originally Answered: One Night Stand Freak Out?
the reason he stopped talking to you is because he got what he wanted from you. You were no more than a piece of *** to him. If you are really scared about having an STD, go get tested. There are places like Family Planning or Planned Parenthood who will work out a pay system.
Ernestine Originally Answered: One Night Stand Freak Out?
Girl i am the SAME WAY!!!!!!! my mind jumps straight to the worst possible scenario. if he was man enough to to infect you and not call, he would have been man enough to wear a condom. i really think it was just rejection, thats whaat my gut is telling me. in some states they have free clinics, i used to go to one. what state do you live in? ill look it up for you. feel free to email me sweetie!!! xoxoxoxo AMBERLY ps stop worrying!!!!!!

Clara Clara
Okay so I think you guys should continue to hang out and you just let him know how you feel. You won't sound like a fool, it's something important
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Barb Barb
Open up to him. Get your worrisome feelings off your chest. You can't pretend it didn't happen, it was an important event in your life. You won't sound like a fool to him-and if he thinks that-then HE is a fool.
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