Is being a Anesthesiologists stressful?

Is being a Anesthesiologists stressful? Topic: Day case surgery rates to go
July 24, 2019 / By Vi
Question: I want to become a doctor and i heard that Anesthesiologists makes the most money but is it stressful? I looked it up and it doesnt seem challenging
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Serina Serina | 1 day ago
You heard wrong. Anesthesiologists made a lot in the 1970's, but those days are long gone. We do OK now, but some of our surgical colleagues can make 2-3 times what we do, or more. If you're in it for the money, you are going to be sadly disappointed. Being an anesthesiologist can be very stressful, especially when you spend 6-8 hours trying to prevent someone from dying who is making a valiant effort to do so. You "looked it up", did you? Then you must know that we are responsible for taking over and managing physiologic functions that are being completely screwed up by the surgical procedure and the drugs that we use to keep them asleep and still. Under general anesthesia we have to manage: heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, ventilation (oxygenation and CO2, peak airway pressures and so forth), fluid management (too much = pulmonary edema; too little = kidney failure), temperature (the brain resets its temperature control - if you get too cold, bad things happen), neurologic issues and so on. We have to provide optimal conditions for the surgery, so many times we have to paralyze all of the patient's muscles (removing any ability to breathe), position them in ways that can cause nerve damage if not done just right, or manipulate physiologic variables to allow the surgeon to operate. There's also the blood loss issue. Surgeons can fill up a suction canister with blood in a matter of minutes. We have to be aware of what the surgeon is doing so that we can be prepared for things like that. Michael Jackson's doctor probably didn't think anesthesia was challenging either, and that was simple sedation without any surgical blood loss or sympathetic stimulation. The most stressful things I've done are ruptured aortic aneurysms (patient is bleeding to death internally, and most anesthetic drugs only make things worse - it's constant resuscitation) and C-sections with babies and/or Moms trying to die (have to move very fast in those cases). Although it IS challenging, that's one of the things I like. If it was a matter of flipping the "anesthesia switch" to ON at the beginning of the case, and OFF at the end, any monkey could do it.
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Ondrea Ondrea
Well I'm not an Anesthesiologist, but if you mess up the dosage you could kill someone hypothetically speaking lmao. But on all seriousness, every job is stressful if you are focused on the monetary benefits. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." -The wise words of Confucius. Hope you find your answer
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