Is it wrong to be angry at God?

Is it wrong to be angry at God? Topic: Jesus comforts the sisters
July 24, 2019 / By Allan
Question: Ok, to start off, so I don't get bashed for this...I'm not a super-religous person. I believe in God, but I don't like...idk..I'm just not that religous. But my friend just got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He is, honestly the most UNDESERVING person to have this (not that anyone deserves this!) but, how could God do this to him? HOW? I want him to take it away RIGHT now. I'm so angry. I know he has a plan...if you believe in him, and stuff. He has a little sister who was adopted, and he holds her hand, and he cares for her, and he's only 15...how many 15 year olds can say they do that? I've never seen him angry, he's respectful to girls, and he's just...amazing. And now he's dieing. From brain cancer. Maybe a miracle will happen. I'm praying it will But I'm just so angry! Idk if it's at God, or at life, or at everything. Pray for him if you'd like. That's all I can think to do... How do I accept it? Thanks you guys...I don't know why..but this calmed me down. Although I don't like people telling me that he doesn't exist. Because you CAN'T say for certaintinty he isn't. BUT BUT BUT Before you blow up, I CAN'T say he does either. And some of your answers made me think, and I'm still angry... But...idk. But thanks!
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Tara Tara | 4 days ago
I am sorry for you friend's illness and will pray for him and you. One thing that is certain is he as well as you and I will eventually die. What is more important than his physical days is his eternal salvation. We are all temporary flesh but through Christ become the eternal children of God. God has so much more to offer than this temporary sinful world and no need to be angry. God came to this world in the form of a man our Lord, Jesus Christ. To suffer as a man because of the sins of man. What God has offered us is greater than what we have on this world it is indeed a cure to pain and suffering and disease and death. May God give you comfort and healing for you and you friend and his family, God Bless.
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Tara Originally Answered: Do I have the right to be angry?
I believe that we are all different, you see in life friendship is not fixed or defined for all of us, but rather each two people or more have a special unique relationship. So there are some people some kind of friends that can't handle other's problems they just don't know what to do or how to react. I remember watching a documentary on TV, they were taking about the daily life of a man with brain Cancer. He said when he was talking about his friends, that he has many types of friends, some whom he can trust with his private problems and can help him and come spend hours with him in the hospital, some whom he can only call them to joke and have fun with them, some others whom he can just debate and have some respectful exchange of information... At the end he said that you only need one friend for each need. One friend that will help you with your problems, One friend whom you like to laugh and relief the stress and anxiety. One friend whom you go shopping or doing some specific activity. One friend whom you need to support you and get your back when you have problems. One specific friend or person for each need. Usually the Best friend, is an exception to this rule, where he or she can gather all those needs for you at once. Some other good friends can gather one or two needs even more...etc And the no-friend person or complete stranger does not help you nor interact with you at all they provide you with 0 need. So this friend of yours, is definitely not your Best friend, she is just a friend that can only provide you with one type of needs, you can't blame her, she is doing her best, obviously she is not great with helping others nor assisting them in their problems, but at the same time she specializes in other types of needs maybe being funny and spending some good time relief the stress and forget the problems could be her need for you and your interest for her. You see each one of us, has a specific field that he or she excels in, funny, wise, reliable, serious, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, helpful, lucky, bright... etc... Very few can clam to be excellent in all the fields, and none can clam to have no field of interest nor excellency at all. Every single human being at least excels at one field and can be helpful useful to others , and can become more if he or she chooses to. So have faith, don't blame others when you discover their limited abilities to provide you with some special needs. But rather have faith, that the friends you're looking for exist, you just need to be yourself, to be open with people as best as you can, talk with a lot of people be nice and respectful while talking with them and taking some time to notice them and notice their interests and the way they are; And among those people whom you take time to notice and get to know , you'll find some few friends that will provide you with some needs and specific help for each field. You have to try, there are millions of people whom you can reach and get to talk to, surely among them are your friends. Friendship does not have any limits nor boundaries of age, you can have adults as friends as well as children. Virtual friends or real ones. All can be your friends. Just be yourself, and be tolerant and respectful to others, surely the best of them will do the same with you or even more. So be happy and have a good time laughing and relaxing with your friend, maybe when you make her laugh you're helping her more than she might think. Maybe at the end she needs you more than you need her. So when ever you don't find the friends you're looking for, at least be the friend that people are looking for. Anyway , be yourself and trust your heart, be honest, and take care of yourself, you may not see it right now, but you are more precious to this world and to yourself than you might think. Have a nice life full of happiness, light and mercy :)

Rio Rio
Peace and love to you and your friend. Gods grace is sufficient. There is a natural order to life. That doesn't mean though that life will always have order to it. We live in a fallen world, filled with attributes in our environment that shouldn't and were never meant to be here. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, sin entered the world. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. All we have is today. Treat it like a gift. It's the present. Live for the now and expect no tomorrows. You can hope and you can pray. It shows a certain degree of faith. God can and often does use adversity and troubles in peoples lives for higher purposes. I wish I had all the answers for you but I just don't. I do know that God is in control and all things are His and He uses them for hidden purposes. Spend time with your friend, minister to his needs, be there and be his strength or a part of it. These times are when many people really begin to appreciate the beauty of life and all it has to offer. Sometimes it takes moments like this to bring out the best in mankind and that is when we really shine. Don't be angry at God for too long. It is in times like this that you need Him the most. Be a light to your friend and shine. Shine brightly and never let the darkness in. Your friend needs this. If it isn't apparent, he's already stronger than most people would be. Our Father is a gracious and merciful one. In Christ all things are possible. Should God require your friend at any time and call him home, make sure he knows your love, your faith in Christ and that he too has accepted Christ. Prayer is poweful and does indeed work. Build your network of prayer partners and take this to the Lord. Pray that His will be done and not our selfish desires. Be honest with Him and express your wants, desires and reasons. Trust God that He is in control for what ever reason or outcome. My prayers are with you and so is Gods love. God Bless you and your friend.
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Miriam Miriam
It is not abnormal to be angry with God. God will understand why you are angry, but you must accept God's helping hand when he is there with you and helping you through your pain. Being angry is another way of expressing pain and hurt, and God understands your feelings, but you have to accept God as He tries to guide you in the right direction, and that is away from your anger. Do not be angry, it only increases the torment that you are trying to deal with. Just ask God to help you to understand what is making you angry and forgive, and move on from your anger.
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Lina Lina
Yes it's ok to be angry with God. He knows when we're going to be angry with Him way before we are angry with Him. Because He goes before us preparing the way. So He knows how we are going to react to the storms in life. My sister Kira has been in the hospital for a month now. The doctor or doctors had given up on her recovering. She was at deaths door but God snatched her away from the door. Her being alive today is a miracle from God. During this time I've been angry at Him and disappointed with Him. That's why I'm reading Disappointment with God by Phillip Yancey. My Mom has had a health situation for ten years now and she is still alive. Doctors can't say when a person is going to die. Only God knows when He's going to call any of us home.
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Kailee Kailee
Look, there is a lot of answers that are extremely full of the posters ideals and logics. They are wrong. You can blame God, sure. You can be angry at God, and that's normal. If you believe in God, he is all powerful, why do good things happen to good people? Well, only God knows. 1 small thing could be that, as much as you might not want to believe this, if he stayed alive, horrible things could've happened to him. Although, maybe not. you can't think what if, because you will NEVER know. One example would be that if my father didn't pass away of cancer, I would've never found the girl who I fell in love with. It sure isn't a trade off I would like to take, but a series of events led to her. Regardless, if God interfered with everyone's problems, would that be better? If everyone had all their problems fixed for them, and no one had to worry about anything. That would make life meaningless, and free will would be pointless. You can blame God for the bad, just as long as you thank him for the good. I take it if you are posting on the internet, you have food daily, a roof over your head, and running hot water. You are living the life of a god when compaired to how some people today. This is too deep of a question for your find on yahoo answers, btw. You can only get some ideas of people's narrow views, or look deeply within yourself and contemplate your life, and the life of your friends, and his loved ones.
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Kailee Originally Answered: I am so angry right now?
As the parent of a 17 year old daughter my first question is how well do your parents know the people you would be going with? It is hard for parents to come to grips with the idea of their daughter (or son) going so far away with someone they don't know well or are not sure about. You have a well thought out question and if you were to approach your parent(s) in a mature way at a less stress time and present your case , as it were, much as you did on here, explaining how you would cover your school work etc., you may at least get them to listen to you. Ask your prospective to host(s) to meet your parents in a pleasant, low key way. No pressure, just a friendly meeting. I hope you have a Merry Christmas..

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