Why Are Atheists So Angry All The Time?

Why Are Atheists So Angry All The Time? Topic: Synthesis of ideas
July 24, 2019 / By Kerri
Question: I don't understand...I'm not trying to start a fight...I really do not understand. The atheists say that the Christians are attacking them... well, I do believe this section of this site is for questions relating to Religion & Spirituality. If you are a true Atheist you have no Religion or Spirituality...so why are you in this section of the site? There is no logical reason except that you want to start a fight. Why does God frighten you so much?
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Jacqueline Jacqueline | 9 days ago
Not all non-believers who post to this Forum are hate-mongers. Likewise, some self-professed Christians seem to have wandered away from the “love thy neighbor” reservation judging by some of their written words. For both of these types of persons, it is interesting and sad to see how some will behave when hiding behind the anonymity of the computer. I suspect that these persons would be truly ashamed if they knew their parents, husband, wife, children, etc., learned of some of the things they write herein. Clearly they do their loved ones a disservice and dishonor them with such behavior. In answer to your question, I would argue that Christians and non-believers are just like other folks; some are overly sensitive, insensitive, kind of spirit or not easily ruffled. In short, we are all imperfect people in an imperfect world. I believe charity of spirit is the most important quality one should strive to obtain. Such a benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity will enable a person to peacefully co-exist with everyone and make this imperfect world just a little bit more tolerable. We all have our inherent biases and flaws, but there is no reason we cannot strive to be better, no matter what our personal circumstances may be. It is curious to me that you very rarely see any forums dedicated to non-belief that are inundated by believers spewing catch phrases or other rhetoric. Yet virtually every unmoderated forum on the internet dealing with religious topics is full of rude detractors. Non-believers have become increasingly shrill of late, apparently hoping that saying something more loudly and more dogmatically will make it seem more credible, especially to their embattled supporters. Believers have nothing to fear from this hostile rhetoric, unpleasant through it may be. Hopelessly overstated arguments that once seemed so persuasive such as "science disproves God" have lost their credibility, becoming mindless slogans, where once they were cutting-edge ideas. Their rhetoric is about preaching to the converted, shoring up a collapsing building with rhetoric rather than rigorous argument. Likewise, the questions being posed are sometimes poorly formed or are laden with underlying bias that tells the reader that no cogent and rigorous answer will satisfy the asker. In fairness, I am frequently embarrassed by other Christians' questions and answers. I feel a sense of dismay over the obvious lack of deeper learning that is evident by many of the responses. Most seem to want to just fire off whatever pops into their heads, streams of consciousness, etc., with no evidence of reasoned arguments, proper hermeneutics, and cogent synthesis of the issues. Some of the questions and answers are often shallow or just asked for point-accumulation. Unfortunately, many very good Christians have not spent enough time trying to learn and understand the theologies of the faith. Many also lack formal training in biblical hermeneutics, so they may misunderstand the full meanings of the texts they frequently quote. Please do not misunderstand me as I am not advocating that everyone get degrees in theology, only that they spend some time studying materials outside the scriptures so that their faith will be solidly grounded. The best solution I can recommend for you is to ignore any of the vapid questions or comments of the ill-mannered. It is very easy to scan past them and focus your eyes on the substantive and cogent items. If you spend enough time in this Forum the persons prone to ill manners become known quickly, thereby enabling you to ignore of their wasted efforts even easier.
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Based on scientific research, it may have to do with the fact that Republican brains are wired differently. They tend have larger amygdalas which is in charge of our fight or flight response. Basically they are more likely to see the world as a dangerous place and less likely to challenge the norm. They also struggle with self awareness. So I think the hatred and name-calling are the ways some on the left deal with the anxiety they feel with life. Interesting articles: http://thescienceexplorer.com/humanity/neuroscience-reveals-differences-between-republican-and-democrat-brains https://www.kshb.com/newsy/are-you-a-democrat-or-a-republican-a-look-at-your-brain-might-tell-us

Emeline Emeline
The first part of your question has some legitimacy. But when you wonder what they are doing in the religion and spirituality section - an atheist usually considers that he has a spiritual aspect to his life. Also, he generally lives in a society that is strongly influenced by religions. So he has to deal with it whether he likes it or not. So to say he shouldn't come into this section and ask questions or make comments - I'm sorry, but that sounds really narrow minded to me. In fact it is the kind of thing that can legitimately make them angry. I have seen some insulting and disobliging comments made by atheists. And I have seen the same made by those calling themselves Christians - and entirely without any provocation as well. Gandhi is believed to have something to the effect said that Christianity could be very convincing, if it were not for the Christians! EDIT: If you had kept to your original question, I was intending to have a humoritic jab at atheists myself, counting on their sense of humour - but your following comments really spoiled it for me.
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Christine Christine
We don't believe that there is a God, so we're not frightened by Him. That's an arrogant and ignorant statement made very often by Christians. It doesn't impress us, and it doesn't make the person saying it look clever or intelligent. We're in this section for several reasons. First, it's an open forum, and anyone that wants to be here can be here. We might not believe in God, but religion affects our lives, too. Very much so. Why? http://youtube.com/watch?v=w4fQA9mt-Mg How are Christians attacking us? Well, for STARTERS: "I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." --George H.W. Bush 1988. I was born and raised here. I PAY MY TAXES. I always have. My husband served in the army for four years, and served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. How DARE he say that we shouldn't be considered citizens or patriots simply because we don't believe in the same deity as he does! According to motherjones.com, 52% of Americans claim they would not vote for a well-qualified atheist for president. A 2006 study at the University of Minnesota showed atheists to be the most mistrusted minority among Americans. Several state constitutions make the protection of persons from religious discrimination conditional on their acknowledgement of the existence of a deity, apparently making freedom of religion in those states inapplicable to atheists. Several private organizations, the most notable being the Boy Scouts of America, do not allow atheist members--EVEN THOUGH they profit from taxpayer money. (Including the taxes paid by atheists.) Several states will not let you hold a public office unless you acknowledge to existance of a deity. We're not looking to start a fight about the existence of God, though if we're attacked and told that we're going to Hell, or that we have no morals, or any of the other ridiculous things Christians say to and about us, then we'll attack back. We WILL fight for our right to be treated with the same respect and receive the same rights that Christians receive in this country.
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Aveline Aveline
There's a big problem with one point of your question. Spirituality can exist without a deity. I marvel and wonder at our strange, beautiful universe because science is showing us how big it really is. Unlike religions, which create simple stories to explain away these things, I think that science can be more spiritual and enlightening than any story. And it is proven to be real. One does not need religion to be spiritual. And one does not need to be religious to comment on religion. Also: God does not frighten me anymore (I was raised as a strict Catholic so I was fearful of hellfire, blasphemy, and so forth). But people who believe in deities sometimes frighten me because religion has done terrible things in the world to those who don't ascribe to that belief. Also some religions deny science and want to force their views on me through government.
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Abia Abia
ima athiest but that doesnt mean i have no spiratuality. I reject religion because i see the world for what it is not how people want me to see. we all know that religions dont allow others to fully investigate there religion because they are certain secrets they dont want to reviel. When you are atheist there is no secrets and no lies, thats why people are allowed to challange your ideas aout the world in the athiest realm. People update information and use evidence to back up there theories on life while religion doesnt do any of this. They just write a story and tell you to belive everything in it and to suck up to a figure thats not even really proven to exists. Also people take the bible too seriously. for the last time the devil and god are just a way to symbolicly represent the good and bad in all living things. People take creative writing, metaphors, similies too literal and the lessons behind the stories are more important to keep in mind not the actual stories themselves. religious groups dont like reasoning and logic which is why deep religious groups get so mad when you challange there beliefs. Historically many relgious groups have even went to war and killed for having there beliefs challanged. Just because im athiest doesnt mean im not spiritual. i have respect for animals and nature. I belive in science , ,evidence, reasoning and facts but I also care about nature alot. Without science and education people would not be able to understand much about nature as we can today. Even as a patriotic american i do disagree with some of the things america does to the earth. Im like a democrat when it comes to the economy and domestic problems but im like a republican when it comes to foreighn policy though.
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Stevie Stevie
Ever heard of atheistic religion? Buddhism, etc.? *drinks* "If you are a true Atheist you have no Religion or Spirituality...so why are you in this section of the site?" Pathetic this is still asked. Just research the answers to this. It's been asked COUNTLESS times before. "There is no logical reason except that you want to start a fight." Theists, particularly, Christians started the fight. We're just fighting back so we aren't controlled over. God doesn't frighten us... psst... he doesn't exist to us!! Shocker! Who would've thunk?
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Paise Paise
Well, my friend, have you ever heard of the human condition called "gigantic ego"? Most of our atheist friends here seem to think that they and they alone have all the answers. Any Christian or for that matter any religious type, is a moron. Just ask them and they will tell you. They fashion their selves to be intellectuals, seeming knowing all there is about life and the history of the earth. Because, of course, most of them went to public school. They speak of us as being closed minded. But look at their answers and anyone can see who is closed minded. What your question asks and says, I have said many times and so their new, smart mouthed answer is they claim to be spiritual. They call us all kinds of names and when any of us fight back then the blame is put onto us. I have been called Jackass, fundie, retarded, uneducated, right wing nut, intolerant, etc. But you know you are right and just look at some of the answers here to see that we are both right about them. They do however prove a very basic truth: Education does not equal intelligence.
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Lindsey Lindsey
I'm here because believers address questions to atheists all the time on this site, and I think it's important to show that we're just like you are-- except that we don't believe in a god or gods.
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Twice a year you only see each other??? That is not good, but if you want this badly how about you maybe traveling to him? How far apart are you guys? See if you can take a train out there. Usually it's much cheaper in cost to travel by train than by flight depending on the day and time of day if you take a train. Or if you can drive, drive out to see him if he would want you too. He's wrapped up in his dream career and it's kicking off. That is important to him right now and he's taking full advantage of it right now. I would to if something I always wanted to do began at a good working pace. I keep going back to how you said you only see each other twice a year right now. Is this really worth it? He is not geographically desired in my opinion. I'm sorry, but if it were me I would not choose a guy I only saw twice a year or few times a year. I'm not needy, but it doesn't make sense. My last relationship was long distance and we were 3 hours a part. Our work schedules made it hard to see each other, but we made it work. We saw each other a couple times a month for a year straight. Eventually I moved out to where he lived closer to him. It worked out good while it did. We had different goals in life so relationship came to an end recently sadly. It seems you guys are living different lives and this is not compatible enough for you both to keep you guys happy. It is crucial to take advantage of the time available to see each other since you cannot as it is anyway, but it's not working out that way is it? He's not meeting you half way. I hate to say this I think it's time to move on to someone more geographically desirable. Hope I helped.

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