What does Kabbalah say about how to deal with negative emotions?

What does Kabbalah say about how to deal with negative emotions? Topic: Teaching reading research papers
July 24, 2019 / By Yiesha
Question: Please, serious answers only. I have no need to convert to Christianity or Islam, i'm researching for a paper and need a little help. Thanks.
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Best Answers: What does Kabbalah say about how to deal with negative emotions?

Shebah Shebah | 6 days ago
Unfortuantely if that is your paper either you have created a question which portrays that you have no understanding of the Kabbalah, or whoever set the paper has no understanding of the Kabbalah! Kabbalah is just a different means of studying the torah and understanding the hidden spiritual element that does not come out in the other ways of studying. Your question is making the incorrect asusmption that the Kabbalah is somehow similar to the new age movements or the rubbish promulgated by the various cults. Kabbalah is teaching about the Torah and soirituality- it is NOT a counselling system, a magic/magick system, a new age spiritual system or a means of understandign your emotions. It is a systme for studying the TORAH IN A JEWISH CONTEXT. thats it- anything else is just one of the many cults out there trying to sell books, audio fiels, video etc. it ha snothign to do with holy water, bits of red string or buying expensive books you cannot read.
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Shebah Originally Answered: Can Negative Emotions Attract Negative Beings In A Séance?
Attempting to reach out to the spirit realm is risky business no matter how you slice it and you should be prepared to deal with what ever shows up if and when you do. Ghosts and spirits do exist in some locations but when you go calling upon them , at times, this is like ringing the doorbell to the spirit realm and offering up an open invitation into your home and this is when some have come to deeply regret having done so. In addition, yes, your emotional state can come into play when being around some ghosts and spirits as they do tend to find it attractive when someone is either in a weakened state physically or emotionally. They also tend to feed off of those with heightened states of emotion and linger around them , keeping them in such states , very similar to the saying " misery loves company" . I'd steer clear to dealing with the ouija board or dabbling with doing a seance'. You will just be better off this way. Take care.
Shebah Originally Answered: Can Negative Emotions Attract Negative Beings In A Séance?
Yes, the act of summing the dead can create a negative environment, however if they contact us it doesn't seem to be a problem,(except for scaring the #[email protected]% out of most). It seems that unless you are a very informed and careful participant in using the Ouija board or conducting a seance you can inadvertently open doors to entities that lie, and can cause harm to humans. So you are wise to steer clear of these activities.
Shebah Originally Answered: Can Negative Emotions Attract Negative Beings In A Séance?
Tim is correct.....I never use that board game, because you don't know what type of spirit you'll get, you don't want a demon spirit or any kind of negative spirit......this is serious, why I never use it......I see enough without it. If I knew good spirits would come through using that board game, I would be using it all day long.

Pattie Pattie
The Kaballah teaches that the only demons that exist is ones that we create. Negative emotions give way to demons. Therefore seeking to learn to receive in order to give is the true desire of God's for us. Work on this when you are in the midst of negative emotions.
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Pattie Originally Answered: Msn emotions? HELP PLZ?
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