For all you school lovers? How can I make school more enjoyable and less stressful?

For all you school lovers? How can I make school more enjoyable and less stressful? Topic: Is homework stressful
July 24, 2019 / By Clements
Question: I don't understand how people love school. Okay, the social atmosphere is fun... but I'm talking about what school is really about. I'm always stressed out about tests, assignments, homework, my grades... I don't know how to calm down. I know some really chill people who get A's. I get A's but the process of getting great grades is very stressful. However, I find that the more I stress the more effort I put into things therefore my grades tend to be higher. I'm starting gr. 12 in a week. University is coming up in a year which I know will be 10x more stressful so hopefully I'll get over this during the school year...
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Best Answers: For all you school lovers? How can I make school more enjoyable and less stressful?

Anakin Anakin | 3 days ago
Get involved. Playing sports and being in clubs reduces stress, I know this out of personal experience and it's been scientifically proven. I get home around 7 some days because of how busy I am, and I immediately do my homework because I have to eat and get ready for bed, I get a nice break from school after school when I'm with my friends and then I'm more willing to do homework and study after wards. As for during school, I come in with a positive attitude and I focus on what's happening now, not later. So let's say there's a test next period. Well if I focus on my classwork instead of stressing over next period, my classwork comes out neat and well-done, and then when it comes to the next period, I feel better because I know that last period was successful, also I forget about how nervous I am on the test because I was focused on something else, which overall helps me on the test. Researchers say that if you aren't nervous about a test, you'll do better on it.
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Anakin Originally Answered: How do you make homework fun and enjoyable?
what i would do is do it in 30 minutes at a time. so do homework for 30 minutes straight and then take a break. i hate homework too, but it has to be done. you could also do it on the bus, if you take the bus home. then by the time you get home a lot of it will be done. that sounds nerdy, but you dont have to do that one. also take every oppurtunity you can take when you actually feel like doing your homework, even if it is 2 in the morning and you feel like doing homework, i would use that to my advantage. hope this helps :)
Anakin Originally Answered: How do you make homework fun and enjoyable?
Let's face it. With a few rare exceptions, homework is usually not much fun. Once in a while, homework will actually involve something you know a lot about or really enjoy, like doing a report on something you love to do, for instance, but that is not most homework assignments. What worked for me, until I was much older and I could combine homework and se...... nevermind that ..... What worked for me was taking my natural competitive drive (I hate to lose at most sports, for instance) and applying it to school. It started out a drive to get all A's and soon became a competitve desire to get the best grade in the class. While this may have not made the homework fun, I did enjoy it more. And my grades soared beyond anything I ever imagined. I did not always get the highest grade in the class. But I did sometimes, in fact, a lot of times. That motivation boosted my energy level and helped my concentration.
Anakin Originally Answered: How do you make homework fun and enjoyable?
Do it in a place that inspires you. You arer talking about homework from school right? Well, last year, I was doing my Masters degree, and I had tons of research to do. I had a Windows Mobile phone which had a full keyboard and internet on it, and I used to plug in my earphones, listen to music, go out into the park, read my books, make notes, and type using the Microsoft Word on the phone. I sometimes went to art galleries and museums, I went to the British Library, the Southbank (I live in London). It was great to have a small device which I could carry around and work anywhere I wanted. You may not have that luxury but if there are places you like hanging out, maybe it would be worth going there and doing the work. If you like music, play it in the background, and it will bring you tons of good vibes and inspiration. It can be fun. The way I see it, if the work itself is as dull as ditchwater, as long as you do it in a way that you look forward to, you will look forward to doing the work. I am so glad school is over, mind you. The very thought of homewrok makes me feel sick and I just remembered how much I hated school. Uni is a lot more fun - you do what you want, when you want, so try to live through it, and do as well as you can because things get a whole lot more fun when it all ends!! Hope this helps!

Topsey Topsey
In Canada (Ontario, a minimum of), you want a Bachelor's Degree and Teacher Training for starters. Later, it is well proposal to get a Master's or perhaps a Doctorate, and in addition Refresher guides. Beginning salaries are low, however they get greater with enjoy and qualifications. Ontario has an excessively well 401-k plan for lecturers. The paintings load is heavy, however lucrative. I am now not inspired with the forms regardless that, and the truth that lecturers are seemed upon as being glorified youngster sitters through precise segments of the populace.
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Topsey Originally Answered: How stressful is it to go to school part-time & work part-time?
I have three young daughters. I work thirty hours a week during the day, and 2 nights a week I attend college for 6 hours. My GPA is currently a 4.0, but with the stress of the holidays I'm sure this will not be the case forever. I don't have a physical disability however, my 11 year old daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. So, in many ways I can relate because I feel my daughters pain very deeply. Many of our family activities get hindered by her disability but, we never give up. School is very hard to keep up with. It is not just the 6 hours of class time, but the extra 20 hours of homework, tests, and projects that is challenging. But, I say go for it. The end result of finishing college will be all worth it. You should research careers that fit with your disability and find one that you could enjoy. Then get your education. Have faith in yourself, but also, set up a support system of friends and family just in case you need some help. I always tell my daughter that it is o.k. to need help, it is giving up or not trying that makes you lose out in life. "So what" if you don't have a perfect GPA or it takes you longer to complete your goals. It's your GPA and your goals. Don't compare yourself to others. Everybody is different and successful in their own way.
Topsey Originally Answered: How stressful is it to go to school part-time & work part-time?
For some it is easy, others hard. The main reason for that is, that some people seem to be able to breeze through school work without as much as cracking a book, while others spend endless hours studying and still are struggling to understand the material.

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