Can i put a hold on rent while i am at bootcamp?

Can i put a hold on rent while i am at bootcamp? Topic: Business plan for home based child care
July 24, 2019 / By Kenneth
Question: I leave for Marine Corps boot camp next week and my husband just found out we only have $200 in out bank account for him and our daughter to live off of while i'm gone for 13 weeks. Apparently my school lone found the account and took out the full loan amount. Which is legal for them to do. Is there anything i can do to possibly put bills on hold while i am gone to bootcamp? marines cant send money home while training My landlords are my inlaws. They are rich snobs who have plenty of money and wave it around for everyone to be jealous. We already talked to them and they said they want the rent, no exceptions or else they will evict my husband and our eight month old daughter. My husband just got fired from his last job because we had to rush our daughter to the hospital and he was gone from work for two hours. they put him down as a no call no show even thought he was already at work when it happened.He is currently looking for new job but problem is we have no one willing to watch our child. Our rent is $800 a month and was originally promised to be $400. My inlaws have never kept their word on anything they have said.....how am i going to succeed in bootcamp if i'm worried about whats going to happen to my family while i'm gone? Yes i get paid in bootcamp but my husband will not have access to it until after i graduate. I cannot send it to him and i can not set it up to transfer to his account. Him and i both had to sign multiple papers stating that we understood this. No i'm not an idiot! i'm not saying im not allowing my husband access to the money, i'm saying in the Marines while you are in bootcamp NO ONE has access to your money!! PERIOD! WE HAD TO SIGN PAPERS STATING THAT WE UNDERSTOOD THAT I NOR ANYONE ELSE WOULD HAVE ACCESS TO MY PAY UNTIL I GRADUATED!!!! YOUR THE IDIOT THAT NEEDS TO LEARN TO READ. we think that my husbands job just used that as an excuse because they were "cleaning out" basically firing everybody so they could start new. And we checked our account earlier this week and it had WAY more in it, then checked this morning and it was down to 200. We had literally saved enough to be able to pay three months of rent all at once in advance and then my loan took out even though i put in a date i would be able to start paying. we moved states and we couldnt find anything cheaper near family and like i said we were told we would only have to pay 400 and didnt know it was 800 until we were signing the lease. i hate the idea of relying on others peoples tax money ( food stamps, medicaid, etc) and have done everything to keep us from having to use it, but now i'm out of ideas. And the money is not put in a bank account, its put on a card that can only be used on base. Well then what have i been signing stating that no one has access to my pay? at the time my husband had a full time job so we werent worried about it. we had to describe how he planned on paying bills(write it out) and then sign it.
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Hodge Hodge | 7 days ago
You can speak to your landlord and the utility companies and explain the situation. Beyond that, maybe your husband can pick up a temp job while you're gone and make up the difference. Or find some odd jobs to do or something. Small payments over the time you're gone is better than nothing, and shows you're serious about making things right. Why should your landlord be deprived of income for three months? Can your borrow enough for bills from family members and pay them all back as soon as your pay does come in? EDIT: If you are in the U.S., your city has something like a Community Action Agency or Opportunity Center. I know it's hard to ask, but you and your husband need to go in and see if you can get emergency funds to move to a new place, and find daycare. There is someone who will watch an 8 month old -- put an ad on Craigslist (but demand a background check -- they can get one through your state's DCI) or Care.com, or look in the classifieds for a mom who's watching kids at home. I'm sure your husband would rather stay home and watch your daughter himself, but this is a financial emergency, and until you get some financial legs under you, you both need to be in crisis mode. You need to get out from under your inlaws, because they actually sound dangerous if they would put their son and grand baby out on the street. Between low income housing, DHS, they will find a place for a family with a baby to live. You might not like it, it might not be ideal, but it will work until you have gone through AIT and are making a better income. I question why you were not provided a lease by your in-laws, but what's done is done. Do as much as you can this week before you leave to get things situated, and trust your husband to follow through on the paperwork, etc., and also to find some stream of income. Maybe a friend will watch your baby in the evening for a few hours while he pulls weeds, mows lawns, or does some other kind of odd job. Look on Craigslist for gigs people are offering or looking for, and he can pick something and start his own micro-business to do that, at least for food and utility money. FURTHER EDIT: You need to get an emotional grip if you are going to survive at boot camp. Your job is to succeed at boot camp. Your husband's job is to fix all this. Trust him to step up and do what's best for your family, whether it's finding another job quickly, getting some temporary help, or whatever. Ask your recruiter to go over the pay thing again. It does seem wrong that a recruit's family must live without income, and his/her rent and utilities at home must go unpaid for three months. Something's been lost in translation.
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Hodge Originally Answered: Can my old landlord hold my sd and try to get the next months rent from me for moving out 31st of a month?
please tell me you sent the letter certified and you kept a copy of the letter for your records...? if the lease says it was good until the 1st of april then technically by turning the keys in for the 31st you did break the lease. however whats 12 hours? if you have the receipt from paying the deposit and the amount from the receipt is also the same on the lease they cant keep the money. if they dont give you an itemized list of the damages it is not valid. they are probably hoping you will drop it and not go after them for the hassle and such. get an atty involved if need be. see if they can just call them for a minimal fee.

Elvis Elvis
The military didn't create this mess, and the military will not be much interested in solving it, either. There's almost too much wrong here to mention. There's no way your husband got fired for missing 2 hours of work! There had to be prior problems of some sort. And then, since he's the one unemployed and it's his parents who are your landlords....why isn't he the one worried about this? If your inlaws are such jerks, why are they your landlords? For $800/month, you could easily have gotten out from under them. How could neither of you realize you were down to $200? If you have no-one to watch your baby, what was the plan when you left for boot camp? Part of the reason I'm bringing all this up is it sounds to me like you need to see if you can get some kind of emergency deferment, and get your homelife in much better order before leaving. The rent is just a small part of your problem. Even if the inlaws cooperate, $200 is chump change in terms of living expenses.
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Clem Clem
You will get paid while you are in boot camp. Your first paycheck will take 2-3 weeks to appear in your bank account. Your first BAH payment can take up to 45 days to appear in your bank accoun, but it will be backdated to the day you arrived at Parris Island. When you are inprocessing, you will give them your bank routing and account numbers and your paychecks will be automatically deposited into that bank account. There are no paper check in the military. It will be your responsibility to make sure your husband has access to the money he needs while you are away, whether by he can access your bank account or you set up automatic transfers to his own account. EDIT: Well, then you're retarded and you have no right to be complaining about "how am i going to succeed in bootcamp if i'm worried about whats going to happen to my family while i'm gone?" You will have the money. If you can't trust him enough to allow him access to it, that's on you. And it speaks volumes of your marriage. The Marines can't dictate who has access to your bank account. The "card that can only be used on base" is not your entire pay for three months. It will be a few hundred dollars only, so that if you need to buy more hygiene products or underwear or something, you cna use that card, because cash gets stolen. That few hundred, along with the cost of uniforms, will come out of your first paycheck. All the other money will be direct deposited into a bank account that you provide. If you don't have a bank account, there will be reps from a few local banks at inprocessing that you can open one with. Do you seriously think the military requires recruits to not pay their bills and debts while in training? That's stuff you get in trouble for not doing in the military. I don't know what your recruiter's trying to make you sign. If you don't fully understand it, then you should be asking him about it, BEFORE you put your signature on it. And maybe asking him the whole, if I can't get my money how will I support my family question would have cleared this up for you right away.
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Amoz Amoz
Your girl friend just got hooked by the oldest military lie. When she was enlisting and promised a certain job, she failed to read the fine print, "if available" at the time of graduation from basic. Also top candidates are chosen out of 100's promised the same job. She should have gotten a civilian lawyer to go over her enlistment papers which is a "legal contract". Now for getting out. Boo Hoooing about the unpromised job will never work. Poor little dumb girl fell for the fast talking recruiter, his lies, and he or she looked good in their class A uniforms. So her hormones kicked in and to be all you can be, because you will do all you can in the job we select for you. Now the only thing possible is for her to file for a hard-ship discharge, because the baby needs her at home due to father or parents wanting to dump the child.(So she can lie too, didn't the Navy), Proclaim she is a lesbo and can't tolerate holding back her sexual needs when she sees all the girls in the shower room, The baby was a need for a companion not a husband or boyfriend, just a sperm donor.Kiss the Navy training officer after completing a planned event or course. If a woman Naval officer enlisted her, tell them she said their was a lot of Lesbo's wanting a good woman more than a good man sexually. Confess your homo habits to the Chaplin.
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Tonya Tonya
Most likely not, but go through your lease and look for options. Most reputable rental organizations do include an Armed Services clause, but in most cases the apartment/unit is to be left unused during training or deployment and rent reduced as a result. But I doubt that you will find either a private leaser or major rental organization that will offer a delayed payment option when there is another person living there who could potentially pay the rent. Sorry.
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Rubye Rubye
There are service member programs that will assist you with this. It's always to enter into a private contract with your landlord for it, though. Just make sure that the terms on the contract are satisfactory.
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Rubye Originally Answered: My landlord wants rent tomorrow but I might be moving out in a couple weeks, should I pay rent?
Unless a lease states otherwise, which you say yours does not, then notice is determined by state law. Most states require that notice be given in advance for the same number of days you pay rent. So if you pay monthly then you must give 30 days notice. If you paid weekly you'd have to give 7 days notice. It is not relevant that your landlord was in jail. You should still send your notice to his address as stated on your lease. That is all you need to do.

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