Why dont i have emotions?? {EXTENDED}?

Why dont i have emotions?? {EXTENDED}? Topic: Problem solving with technology science
July 24, 2019 / By Caren
Question: I Don't Feel Pain (Mental pain), I Dont Feel Sad, Or Hatred or hurt. I Get bullied alot (Usually by Ex Boyfriends), Yet i Dont Feel Hurt. My Step father is a phycopath. attempted murder on my step mother. ill admit i did cry a bit when i witnessed it, then i automaticly called 911. and if you say what i saw you would cry too. adn then i cryed again when i was told i was adopted about a month later. only for abot fgife minutes. i could really care less. idk anything about ym real parents, and truthfully i dont want to. the could do the hell for all i care. i also dont feel true love. not to my step parents, pets, friend, boyfriends, anything. im not grateful for anything. im also atheist, unlike my christian step family. i have nothing left to hope in. when the worlds always at war, and the worlds in the condition it is. people dont have anything left to belive in so they run to religion. it seems like a watse to me. my hopes in science beacause science and tachnology is what has solved all the worlds problems and will continue to solve them. ium never sad. if someone dies, i dont care. i try to act like i do for my parent sake, but i really dont. Also i have to fear. a year ago i was afriad of the dark, shadows that i saw, anything starange. now im not. i also think im a bit obsessed with anime shows. i want to be amzing heros like people off of them. and i try to put myself on a pedistooll to be as wise, mentally and physicly strong as them. andim fine with that part really. but still, i really think i want to change. i want feel love and sorrow like a normal, human being. ive spilt my guts out here. please help.
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Amilia Amilia | 7 days ago
Maybe you're a psychopath or just simply was pushed to the point where you don't give a f-ck anymore. I know people don't like to hear this but, have you tried therapy? I know it might be something you hear non stop, or maybe not. Therapy can help in numerous ways... but you may need to get the right therapist first. One may not "get" you but another will. Don't give up on therapy if the therapist just sucks or if the therapist gets another job. There's also a psychiatrist. They can diagnose you with whatever you might have (sounds a bit like depression and detachment issues) and can give you whatever meds they think will help. Hey, I'm not religious either, so don't worry about that. Its not that I'm atheist though, I'm more agnostic. Its hard to explain my reasoning. Its fine to not believe in a God or whatever. Don't think you have to because of your family. People like to believe in religions because to them, their religion explains everything, it gives them hope they can't find elsewhere. Anyone can believe in whatever they want. You have hope in science and technology. You have seen it work and know it exists, with religion, its hard to see it and be dead serious its there. Anyways, try seeing a therapist. Feeling emotionless can very well be due to your past (step dad trying to kill your step mom and the bullying). To me, it sounds like you're depressed and withdrawn. That may explain why you are "obsessed" with Anime. The character's worlds seem perfect and flawless. You also mentioned you try to be like some of those characters. That could be because you feel like you want to be someone other then yourself... You want to be "as wise, mentally, and physically strong as them". Anime sounds like your escape from reality. Everyone needs to escape reality sometimes, but it comes to a point where you need to come back. I'm rambling, I'm sorry. All in all, try seeing a therapist. That's the first step to feeling "like a normal human being". I honestly hope I helped you a little bit. Good luck, okay? And don't give up. You can and will "feel" one day. Don't worry. Just for now, you may need a little help getting there. :)
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Wat Wat
I'm no psychologist but I feel as though you really do feel a lot of pain from everything in your life, but it's too much and you completely shut yourself off from it, so now you don't feel anything. I don't really know how this could be corrected, you'd have to ask someone who knows more about what they're doing for that.
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Sachie Sachie
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