Should I hold on or try to move on? Im lost?

Should I hold on or try to move on? Im lost? Topic: How to write an apologize note
July 24, 2019 / By Marley
Question: My ex fiancee and I broke up about 9 months ago because I cheated on him 1 time with a co worker. The day he proposed was the day I told him. I couldn't except the ring without him knowing. He still proposed. We tried for months to work through it and were planning our wedding but I was stupid and still talked to the guy i cheated on him with. I didnt make an effort to show him he could trust me. If I had I believe we would still be together now. We ended it on an ok note saying that we would actually break up (unlike the 3 other times we took breaks and were back together within a week). Then a few weeks after the beak up I tried to get a hold of him and he ignored me. He changed his number and we exchanged our belongings. I would write him online every once in a while apologizing and telling him how I feel but he never answered. We have the same friends so I would see him out sometimes and we would just ignore each other. My friends and family who have talked to him say hes still single and that they can tell he still loves me. Then my grandma passed away on christmas and he came to the viewing. It was the first time we spoke in 9 months. He hugged me and we talked for a half hour about work, family, friends, past times, and our relationship. It was a great conversation and we smiled and laughed and looked each other dead in the eyes the entire time. I told him I was so sorry and never meant to hurt him and that I would give anything to take it back. I asked him why he didnt break up with me the day i told him and he said because he thought we could be one of those couples that could get through it. We could have if I would have made the right choices. I told him I would forgive him if he did that to me (unlike my exs who cheated and lied our entire relationship) he would deserve to be forgiven. So do I. I regret it every day and hate myself for it. I told him I cant change what happened but i can try to make things right again. I learned from my mistake and still want to be with him. He said it took him everything he had to get out of his car and come inside but that he had to pay his respects. I thanked him and he said that I hurt him. I told him I would give anything to take it back because he didnt deserve that. Then the night after the funeral I messaged him saying thank u for coming and told him exactly how i felt. He messaged back saying maybe we can be great friends again one day but I cant just talk to you like nothing ever happened. And he just cant come back. If you find someone then move on. Maybe we can talk in a few months but now isnt a good time. I asked him if he was over us and he said he just doesnt think about it and then he doesnt feel anything and he can get through the day. I know I can prove to him that he can trust me and move forward. He needs to give me that opportunity. I know I dont deserve it. Hes the type that will just ignore u until he is ready to talk. But he did get out of the car, and did talk to me, and did write me back. I just dont know if im over reacting or if that might be a step in the right direction. Plus he wants to be friends one day so he wants me in his life in some way. and we arent the type to be just friends. Hes still single and doesnt want to date and he asked me if i was dating too. i said no i dont want that unless its with u. He just cant ever answer me when I ask if he loves me and if he can forgive me. why does he tell me to move on if i find someone else? then he asks if im single and checks up on my facebook?? I dont get it. Its like its a tug of war. Does he really mean it or is he trying to test me to see how much I actually care? Or does he still care and is curious on if ive moved on? My parents went through something similar and my mom forgave my dad and they've been happily married for over 35 years now. So i know that if you want to forgive someone you can. I know he loves me and misses me. But is that enough? What else can I do to show him ive changed and would never hurt him again? Hes a great guy and I was his first serious relationship. We were head over heels in love but we started to fight like 3 years into the relationship. Then after I thought things were over is when I cheated and stopped in the middle of it after I realized the mistake I was making. I want him to forgive me. Ive never regretted anything so much in my life.Things can always change and right now he is still angry with me and still not ready to forgive me. He has slept with other people to get back at me. What can I do on my end? Ive given him time and I will give him more if thats what he needs. He knows how i feel. Im sure he wants me to think that he doesnt love me and wont ever be with me again so I can feel what he feels. I think hes just holding resentment towards me and wants me to hurt like he is. I cant blame him for that. I just want a chance. I know things can always change and people can forgive one another. He wanted to forgive me. Could
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Kyrsten Kyrsten | 10 days ago
you said that you left on an ok note.. you did not respect him because you did not od what both of you agreed on doing.. or maybe its him who did the breaking up, but you did the wront thing by showing him you CANT be without him. you sent him emails, and all these other things. thats hwy he backed off. you dident give him the time he needed to think.. if you want someone back.. you have to act as SOON as the brekaup happends.. respect his wishes. do not talk to him dont respond to him somtimes... HE WILL talk to you again. i think if you would be doing what hes doing.. the places would be switched.. hed be coming after you. maybe appoligize for that. he still cares about you because he came to the viewing.. that was very nice of him. the fact that you told him you would give enything to take him back... hes thinking here we go again.. DONT LET yourself fall for it... yes you made googly eyes, but stand your ground.. you need more time you cant just make things better just like that.. you need to SHOW him you want him back not tell him. show him in a none stalkerish way too. now that after all this time to told him streight out that you STILL want him back... the curiosity in him for you is GONE. remember.... what happend is in the PAST i know its hard, but start off NEW, dont bring up enything about what happend HE ALREADY KNOWS YOUR SORRY OK? tell him then LEAVE IT. and he will actually THINK of it. okay.. hes stringing you on... hes telling you.. i miss you and i wanna be freinds.. i thought we could work.. you hurt me... thats a lie. what he really means is.. and im sorry you will get hurt by this ... he means.. i just dont want to be with you, not because of what you did but because through the brekaup you showed me, that i wasent ready to merry you. its not your fault at all... he just had to do some thinking. if someone really loved each other an forgave each other.. you KNOW that he would take you back if he REALLY wanted it to work. you KNWO that. he is giving you the opportunity... you just have to open your eyes.. he said talk in a few months..... LET HIM THINK LET HIM BE. what you two shared will NEVER be the same with enyone else. he will ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU no matter what. so take that and use it. but show him that youve moved on. and he will think of you and what you had together.... but most of all BE PATIENT. i think he told you to find someone else, because he has his eye on someone else..... thats whats happend to me.. my ex told me to find someone else... and your wrighting it as a question here becasue you knowww somthing is up with that.. next thing i knew he was dating a rebound. look at the fACTS at all times... he STILLL brokeup with .. or dosent want to be with you.. even tho he is asking these questions and being all curiouse. it dosent mean there is hope it means he dosent want to be with you but he dosent want you to be with enyone else. YOU WANNA SHOW him youve changed? DO WHAT HE SAYS. be the best EX you can be. he dident sleep with other people to get back at you....... he slept with other people because hes trying to get over you and know he thinks of it as in hes a free man. and let me tell you somthing.... he ALREADY DID FORGIVE YOU. hes just playing with your emotions. he likes the attention. cheating once.. and telling him your sorry over and over again and howing him you havent moved on with your life.. means you really do mean your sorry.... he would forgive you... hes not hurt, because if he was he would want to see you want to hold you closer. there will be other opportunities to be with him weather it takes a year or 5 years. you can always talk to him again. you can fall in love again, because you know both of you are compatible already. just because he brokup with you dosent mean.. its over for the rest of your life! it just means for now.. until the breajup stress is over and then you can talk.
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