My father is very angry that I quit the university. What should I do now?

My father is very angry that I quit the university. What should I do now? Topic: good phd proposal
July 24, 2019 / By Emmet
Question: OK, here is the deal. I was studying PhD genetics and had full scholarship for that, they were even paying my living expenses, $1000 a month. I was a top straight A student and submitted the best project proposal. But for the following reasons I decided to leave the PhD after 1 year of studying it and work my own business, so I registered a company online, prepared all the paperwork, business cards, bought a domain and I am 100% confident that with hard work it is gonna make me wealthy. And I prefer money over status. I was enjoying the studying part of PhD but I can't stand another 6 years of a poor student life and then a maximum $60-$70 K salary of working in the lab. I see myself more a business person than a scientist. But my father is so angry with me, he wants to cut off all the contacts. He wanted me to get the PhD so much that he can't even think that I did quit it. I feel guilty that I disappointed my father, but at the same time, I really want to change my financial life. I am 31, have married a jerk for 4 years and have a baby who is 2.5. In order to divorce my husband and provide for my baby and be free from his abuse, I had to make that decision now. But my father thinks that the only way I won't starve in this economy is to get the PhD. He is very tough headed and I can't even explain to him why I made that choice. What do you think? Plus. I have a B.Sc and an M.Sc and I think that's enough.
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Clinton Clinton | 1 day ago
Sadly for you but sometimes parents think they know better & envisage better things for their children as in your case.....So parents go out of their way to provide all the necessary allowances for their children, without taking into consideration what the child wants out of life! Kids have ambitions, but parents want to take over the kids life & lead it how they want, because they never had the opportunity when they were younger! Your having the same problem as I had! My dad was proud of me, he wanted me to become something I had no ambition to ever become in later years! At high school I was interested in Engineering & white collar work never entered into my mind..In my later years after marriage, I found the kind of job that I had always wanted & when I realised this was my forte in life, I said to my dad.. Hey let me lead my life how I want, Not how you want If I make a mistake then it will be on my head not yours! This upset him a little but when he stopped & thought about it he realised I was right, as he had been trying to run my life! From then after he was more than very proud, co's I had made a name for myself around the town & everyone knew me! I don't think your dad is angry with you, more disappointed, co's he'd always dreamed that you'd become a PhD in gene tic's & you broke his dream! He'll get over it, but the main thing you have an ambition & just follow that path! Explain to him that you want to lead your life how you choose, Not how he wants! But thank him just the same for thinking on your behalf when you were younger! I'm sure he'll come around to your way of thinking & realise he can't run your life for you, ever much how he'd like to! Now it's your turn to give it a crack! If you fall flat on your face, Then you only have yourself to blame! If he's a good caring father like you state then he'll always be there to pick you up & encourage you!! All the very best of Luck Cheers!!!
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Anscomb Anscomb
I hate to break it to your father but having a Ph.D is not the top of this world. Yes, education is important but it's only worth if you enjoy it and happy about what you are doing. My husband has a Ph.D in pure mathematics and still having a hard time looking for a REAL job ( they all want applied math than pure ) and it's really suck but the thing is he was happy and enjoy what he was doing. That's important ! I know that your dad wants to be proud of you so much that he is pushing it hard on you, but if you are not happy then you should do what you think is right for you. Good luck with your business ! P.S if you become mega rich, then your old man's attitude will change :)
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Traci Traci
If the program wasn't right for you, then it wasn't right for you. But you are taking a huge financial risk, no matter how confident you are; the majority of small businesses fail, and if you've had no exposure to entrepreneurship before this (let alone the business world), this could end up being a painful learning experience at a time when you really need a steady income for your baby. Maybe there's a middle ground here you need to explore, at least until you've got a bit more of a savings cushion.
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Saffie Saffie
I think at 31 years old with a Bachelors degree and masters being married and having a child it's kind of sad you are going through it all over again yet stopped to start up a pseudo business that may or may not be successful. Your father may be right but then again you already have sufficient schooling to look for employment. He must be keeping you or his point of view wouldn't bother you so much. Offhand your scenario seems confounded and as though we're getting a skewed point of view and limited details.
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Nevada Nevada
At 31, your father needs to understand that you are a grown adult and can make your own choices. He is free to give you his opinion but you are the one that has to live with them. What you need to do is close the topic. You already dropped out and put money into your new business venture. It is a done deal. There isn't much more to discuss and he will have to come to his own terms of acceptance. I wish you luck in your new venture, hope it works out as well as you are hoping it will and that it is not something you will regret down the line. Good luck
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