Do you think life would be easier (less stressful) if men and women were still in their "traditional" roles?

Do you think life would be easier (less stressful) if men and women were still in their "traditional" roles? Topic: Case sharing in home care
July 24, 2019 / By Audrey
Question: It seems like it would be easier because being a woman, life gets extremely stressful trying to work, take care of chores in the home, pay bills, and in my case go to school, even though my husband and I share the load (though I take care of making sure most the bills are paid on time). I just seems like it would be easier if one person could focus on taking care of the house chores and bills and the other person could focus on their job outside of the home. Because personally, I would prefer to either stay home and keep the house in order or just go to work and come home without having to worry about the fact that the laudry is piling up. What are your opinions? I don't really mean being in traditional roles as in having your man tell you what to do all the time. Basically, I just mean each person has specific duties they take care of. One person keeps the house in order, one person keeps the bills in order....
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Best Answers: Do you think life would be easier (less stressful) if men and women were still in their "traditional" roles?

Abbie Abbie | 8 days ago
I'm sure you can still find a man who would like you to be this kind of wife. But I am so freaking ecstatic that it doesn't have to be this way. To answer your question, it would only be less stressful if men and women still had their "traditional" roles only if you think its easier to have someone tell you who to be rather than find out for yourself. As for your frustrating situation... working, going to school, keeping things straight at home, I have to wonder if your real problem is that your husband just expects you to do it all? Does he pull his weight equally?
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Stacy Stacy
Personally I think that only works with the upper classes. Because if you look back through history at the 'traditional' roles, if a family was middle class or poor, women did whatever they could to help supplement the income. They worked out on the farm, they were secretaries, nurses, teachers, etc. So if youre just looking at people who are well off, then sure its less stressful to know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Would people be happier? My guess is probably not, because people arent happy without choices. Not to mention if your husband died or left you, then how much stress would you be under since you have no skills? If youre looking at the population as a whole, if your husband didnt, or couldnt earn enough, and people were still in their traditional roles, you would be even more stressed as you would not be able to assist at all in paying the bills. And that would make a pretty grumpy husband, who would probably need two jobs. I think stress is just a part of being human, if you gave a person a billion dollars they'd find a way to be stressed about it. So it basically boils down to the expression "If it's not this, it would be something else."
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Othniel Othniel
Life is easier if we stop being too hard on ourselves. It's when we think that we are doing more in hsechores or work while the other is not that stress starts to rob us of joy and contentment in wherever or whatever circumstance we are in. We should do our best in even a mundane task while not comparing ourselves to others if they were doing less or more than us. It's when we have joy in our heart while doing something that makes life easier.
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Lesley Lesley
Get into your traditional roles ladies, on your knees or on your back ! ! ! Definitely easier. OO...O...H....H...H, I'M BAD ! ! ! Honey get me another beer and some chips. I like this more by the minute........AND MY SLIPPERS WHILE YOUR AT IT ! !
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