Angry ex wife trying to keep me from my boys life.?

Angry ex wife trying to keep me from my boys life.? Topic: Case supported employment
July 24, 2019 / By Gussie
Question: Ok,we was married 3 years and together 5. My oldest son is 4 and my youngest is 4 months. We divorced 11 days before my son was born. We was all good,I was there at his birth,I take them to the doctors,ill come and spend some time with the newborn (I have visitations with my older son). Until mother told her I was living with a female and since then its been hell. She started a dcfs case against me which I later beat,their findings were inconclusive. I didn't ask for anything in the divorce because we was fine with the arrangements. But now things have changed,as a result of her charging me with child abuse I haven't seen my boys in 2 months. I requested a modification for my older son custody to be switched to joint (I have joint legal already) physical and for my started a case to have joint legal and physical for my youngest. I was around my oldest son all his life so I have knowledge of all the duties of fatherhood. What are my chances that I will obtain what I want. I don't care for child support,I just want my kids. The reason I didn't have joint physical before was I was working graveyard and on my days off I had him overnight and three hours on two days. I have mediation tomorrow which she won't attend,like always. Right now I have no employment but receiving unemployment and have my own place and automobile with the proper materials needed to take care of my son. Does it matter that she breastfeed? I'm in cali by the way.
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Diann Diann | 5 days ago
Actually in the youngest case, she needs to be breastfeeding every 2-4 hours for around three months. The courts WILL NOT let you take the baby away from it's mother so young and dependent. She has you beat there, but for the older boy you can have him live with you. They will not like that you are unemployed so expect to get a job. Basically you want to do EVERYTHING you possibly can to make sure the courts see you as a responsible and good for society kind of person. Try maybe volunteering with kids, the workers there will speak up for you if you really are good with them.
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Diann Originally Answered: Angry at wife. How to move on more constructively?
I think the first clue you had about her lack of interest in her chosen career choice was the fact that she was so slow about getting the license she needed. So, she has been unhappy for a long time, and did not express it to you verbally (just in other ways). Be patient with her while she decides her next move. There are more people on this planet earth that are doing something totally different then their degree. Case in point (people I actually know): Doctorate in Archeology driving a cab Doctorate in Radiology working as a cook I studied medicine and I am a Computer Scientist / Engineer My husband has a degree in Film (from Tisch School of the Arts / NY University) and went on to get a doctorate in Law Degree in Law working as a programmer. These are just people I know. Peace.
Diann Originally Answered: Angry at wife. How to move on more constructively?
Some people are good at most things but may not be good at taking care of things like paying bills, renewing vehicle registration etc, I always delay them and end up paying so much extra. I just don't like to be bothered with doing that work. I always wish if I had someone to take care of them for me. So point is, give her a chance to come out of trouble. Make her feel better and take the load off her so she can think if she wants to continue working in the same profession. Find out if she likes that field at all. If she can;t take up a job, I don't know if you would want to do your education at a later time and support the family with a regular job.

Careen Careen
Well, the fact that she is nursing the youngest does play a big role in how often the baby should be with her. You have really dug yourself in Son. I don't envy you one little bit. But what I would do is be as nice as pie to her. Often and always. She is angry. The mother of your children feels thrown away, valueless. She feels like she has sacrificed more then you. Or She is just an evil women. You chose her to be the mother of your children, so you reap what you sow. I suggest you get two jobs. Get a better then good attorney, and take it to court with you always being respectful to her at all times, even when in court. even when you want to choke the living **** out of her. Hopefully eventually and it will take a long while, she might come around to being nicer and the two of you can co-parent those kids. I feel for you man. I see this everyday. Ultimately those children will pay for the mistakes you and she have made.
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Amie Amie
Just make sure you don't bring a woman home when you are with your kids. she would totally hate it and so is any other female.
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Amie Originally Answered: How do I start a normal sex life with my wife again?
You are worried about hurting her by giving her the truth when you know she's thinking you are cheating and hurting even worse over that? That doesn't make sense. It's time she got the truth. You were rejected too much and now are unhappy and am not finding yourself interested in a fruitless chase. Maybe once she hears that, she can start asking you for sex more often and that would actually start bringing back a spark. Now, let me tell you why most women have a harder time with sex drive. Birth control nearly kills most women's sex drive. It sucks, but it's true. A snip 10 years back could have helped your sex life tremendously. The hormones it takes to cause infertility play havoc on a woman's body. Another reason is that sex isn't all that great for her, which still may be attributed to the birth control. But many men (and even women for that matter) don't know that orgasm is normally obtained through stimulation and penetration doesn't give the right stimulation. So many women don't orgasm much through sex. And being rubbed the wrong way can be very uncomfortable, like having the testi's squeezed. No matter how great of a lover you think you are, there's room to improve. And a woman who orgasms nearly every time she has sex is someone who is interested in sex and asking for it. But not all orgasm problems are physical, many are mental. Many women find it hard to relax which can cause sex to be nothing more than frustrating for them. The only absolute truth I know from what you wrote is that she's very unhappy and hurting desperately right now and will continue to hurt until you tell her the truth. After 23 years of marriage your post shows you two are lacking real communication. There's a work book on the power of two and I think you should get it off of amazon and go through it with her. Learn to discuss important things in the right way. Neither person should be doing all the work in the home. A life together should be equal if it's to have value.

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