Are people naturally born with emotions of greed and desire?

Are people naturally born with emotions of greed and desire? Topic: Influences on learning essays
July 24, 2019 / By Johnie
Question: Well I have an English essay to write on this topic, but I want some outside opinions. Basically, do u believe people naturally inherit a desire for greater power or poessions than others, or do u think that gradually, over time, jealousy over the property or belongings of others causes individuals to aspire for more than the people around them. This sort of ties in with corruption and evil. Essentially, r people born evil, or are they corrupted by pride and outide influence. Hope that makes sense lol, thx for sharing. Yup, i agree with u peeps that feel evil is learned instead of a mere genetic or spiritual trait I completely disagree Gorgin. Sadly, we live in a world that is mainly dominated by good and evil, kindess and selfishness. Ur looking at the big picture, which is good, but u r neglecting the true and obvious details. And I am very naive btw, it's a human trait that every1 has, and u r not excluded. Although when it comes to Naiveté, u probably take the cake.
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Gyles Gyles | 3 days ago
In my opinion, we are all born innocent. The greatest influences in our lives are the people who raise us. Whether those people are our biological parents or not. Our environment corrupts us, whether we get to chose where we are or not.
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Dylan Dylan
I think that you are born with a little bit of greed and desire. The thing that really brings it out in you, is how you are raised and influenced. I watched a show once that took little kids and tested to see if they would lie to get something they wanted without being told to lie. 8 out of 10 lied. I do believe that you are born with a little evil in you, but I also believe that it can be made better or worse by your influences (mainly parents).
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Buster Buster
I think it is 90% how you were brought up by parents; instilled thoughts from my parents are listed below save 50 % of your income and live on 30 % for basics do not quit one job until you find another do not buy anything that you cannot afford twice have three accounts, one to work from and two money preservers don't let your right hand know what your left is doing loose lips sink ships be a mans man you only get out of life what you put into it do not lend or borrow it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and you can loose it overnight don't rob paul to pay peter I know several people who are way greedy whos parents are the same
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Aldous Aldous
Does the animal kingdom show a parallel? Ever seen a greedy dog? If man is created in God's image and has been given the knowledge of right and wrong (hence the ability to act in an "evil" fashion), doesn't that also imply that the "beasts" that man was given mastery over, lack knowledge of right or wrong? Following this logic implies that dogs would be incapable of evil intent. Yet, I've seen plenty of mean, greedy dogs. As much as our moralistic culture likes to think of people as having "evil" motives, I link to think that they have pathetic motives. Things born of fear, poor parenting, lack of innate capability, or just poor breeding - I see that in dogs as well.
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Tahnee Tahnee
Yes. The human condition is naturally self centered. But at the same time, we can become socialized. Babies are very self centered and needy. So are toddlers. Thats when we learn our basic socialized morals. Share, care, patience, etc. Its along the lines of the Id, ego and superego. There are other great theories on learning too. As the person grows, how they turn out in life depends on many things. But I believe we are born with this. Any infant or young child will put themselves before they put others.
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