Why is school so stressful?

Why is school so stressful? Topic: Everyday math homework help for parents
July 24, 2019 / By Rosalyn
Question: My life is very stressful and I assume everyone ells is too. I can never find friends in school and I try so hard to get good grades but I can never do it. I can never live up to societies expectational standards. It is impossible for me. I always do my homework but when it comes to test...especially MATH tests I fail. I try my best. I go after class almost everyday for 30 minutes or an hour for extra help and all I get told is that I'm not trying. I get exceptional grades in all my other classes for example, in Social Studies I get A's, Science B's, Language Arts, B's, but I can't do the same in Math. I recently took a test and it was so hard I didn't have time to finish it. There are some kids in my school who don't even try and they get an A+ on their test. I study everyday but all I get is a D or an F in return on my tests. My homework is complete but that is only worth a quiz grade so my final grade is going to be a D. I got a B last semester, but this semester I'm getting a D or D+. School is so stressful and I have no idea how to relinquish it all? It just builds up and I take it out on my parents and I feel bad. It is the only way I can take it out and don't know any other way. Also, don't say punch a pillow or something I already do that, I even stab my pillow and throw it across the room or I smash it against the wall...doesn't work. Please help.
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Morgen Morgen | 9 days ago
I felt EXACTLY How u do I was sooooooo bad in math literally I was awful but I got good grades in all my other classes!! I used to fail every math test no joke n I studied so much I did all my hw but still did bad!!! I had the worst math teacher she was the biggest beotch ever she made us all feel stupid and she was just the worst teacher ever!! Don't take it out on anyone though!! I even had my friend help me out but I still didn't get it I mean some of the stuff I got but some I didn't, I had to repeat algebra twice ;(( but finally switched out of my teachers class and I got some extra help n I did pretty decent , I'm no math genius, it still confuses me but I still passed haha I know everyone says this but just try your hardest I know math is very hard but maybe get a tutor ask for help on the things you don't understand, etc. it only gets harder so you mine as well just try super hard!! trust me i felt the same way!! you'll eventually get through and when you do you'll be very happy I know I am :))
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Morgen Originally Answered: How stressful is it to go to school part-time & work part-time?
I have three young daughters. I work thirty hours a week during the day, and 2 nights a week I attend college for 6 hours. My GPA is currently a 4.0, but with the stress of the holidays I'm sure this will not be the case forever. I don't have a physical disability however, my 11 year old daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. So, in many ways I can relate because I feel my daughters pain very deeply. Many of our family activities get hindered by her disability but, we never give up. School is very hard to keep up with. It is not just the 6 hours of class time, but the extra 20 hours of homework, tests, and projects that is challenging. But, I say go for it. The end result of finishing college will be all worth it. You should research careers that fit with your disability and find one that you could enjoy. Then get your education. Have faith in yourself, but also, set up a support system of friends and family just in case you need some help. I always tell my daughter that it is o.k. to need help, it is giving up or not trying that makes you lose out in life. "So what" if you don't have a perfect GPA or it takes you longer to complete your goals. It's your GPA and your goals. Don't compare yourself to others. Everybody is different and successful in their own way.

Liza Liza
okay calm down brother. i don't know what grade your in, and usually your last two years of school are stressful as you approach the finish line. But if your outside these years and your not going to school in South Korea or China then you may be forcing your brain to do too much. Honestly society expectations depending on where you live aren't that high. Just because you fail at school doesn't mean that you fail at life. i struggled at math and did a level below the current standard when i was at school and i didn't do the greatest in other subjects. But i ended up doing a trade and then recently after 6 years i have had a career change and am going to university to study lingustics and language. School counts for very little in my opinion, and i only really bloomed once i left school when i was studying subjects that i wanted to. if you want to go to university or college there are always alternative ways of getting into them even if you don't get the greatest marks at highschool! Also figure out what you want to do as a career then at least aim for that. Don't stress and get angry over something that should be fun, maybe because your trying so hard that school life is passing you by, and take it from me as you get oldrer you look back at all the opportunities of love, friendship and memories because you just wanted to be better. just go with it and chill. peace brother.
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Karla Karla
Try taking a locally developed math class. The work will be a lot easier and you will be able to get good grades. I hoped this helped good luck.
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Harriett Harriett
Because it tooks to much pressure on way to young people. Maybe to found concellor, talk to parents?
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Harriett Originally Answered: Are all degree's stressful?
Engineering is a very stressful education. The process of learning this profession may at times seem unduly punishing but there is method to this madness. To be a successful engineer in industry one must be able to produce accurate and correct solutions under stress and deadlines. Usually solutions are unique and one of a kind. (As one professor of mine used to say "If it wasn't difficult, it would have already been done and your work would be superfluous."). Years later when solving a particularly puzzling problem I remembered this comment with a smile and proudly gave myself a quiet pat on the back, and started on the next problem. Are all degrees stressful? No but the ones that aren't wouldn't give me the satisfaction of being pushed to my limits. I have a Bachelors in Engineering and three Masters. One in Engineering, one in Business Administration and one in Project Management. All were stressful but all were well worth it to me.

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