What do you think the future will hold?

What do you think the future will hold? Topic: What does photosynthesis mean answers
July 24, 2019 / By Rae
Question: I’m only 14, meaning I should hopefully have another 60-70 years ahead of me. I’ve been thinking about my future lately and wondered what the future will hold for our species. In 50 years from now what do you think the world will be like? My view is that robots will never take off as most people are very independent. I also think flying cars will never take off as they would be as or more impractical than cars in our generation. I think we will look more to the earth and environment for answers and new technologies; like biological batteries that can recharge themselves by photosynthesis maybe? I think we will not only build bigger skyscrapers in the air but buildings in the ground, to tackle overcrowding because of the population increase. In my mind though the future doesn’t look all bright to for humanity right now, having nuclear weapons is one downside of our great achievements and also while defending a country/territory they will spell mutual destruction of the earth and the survival of our species. What is your opinion on the future?
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Melisa Melisa | 10 days ago
Death and destruction. Pain, suffering and misery. Crime and war. Then we all get put outta our misery at noon on December 21st 2012 when the world ends.
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Leeann Leeann
well,maybe time-travel to the future,more advanced robots,teleportations etc...no im not sci-fi fan,but teleportation might actually be possible
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