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Life without emotions essay? Topic: Bad examples of essay writing
July 24, 2019 / By Johnie
Question: i need a bit of help with my english essay (im in 7th grade) ...im not looking for someone to write the whole thing for me im just a little stuck...thanks in advance sophie
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Gyles Gyles | 2 days ago
OK, so it's about what life would be like without emotions? I would recommend thinking about what makes you feel certain emotions and what life would be like if you never felt them. You don't get happy when you see your friends, jokes don't make you laugh, that sort of thing. Imagine how your parents would be if they didn't love you, or imagine what friends would be like if they never smiled. Remember that it also applies to bad emotions -- you'll never be sad again, but would it be worth it to never be happy either? There are numerous examples in fiction of characters that lose their emotions, never had any to begin with (robot and android characters in science fiction are good examples of this), or characters that go through something so hard that they don't want to be sad anymore, even if it means not being happy either. You can look these up on the internet. Basically, just try and relate it to what you know. That's good advice on anything you write. Hope it helps!
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Dylan Dylan
Life without emotions can sometimes be a curse disguised as a blessing. Each day that passes by it just like the other day before it, but only different activities. I hardly feel remorse and I don't know the true meaning of happiness. It's like being a robot. Yet, being emotionless also means that I don't have to feel the emotional pain of loving someone.
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