How stressful will my 10th grade schedule be?

How stressful will my 10th grade schedule be? Topic: History papers for kids
July 24, 2019 / By Shayne
Question: I am right now a freshman! We have to decide on next year 10th grade schedules already ^_^ 1) Honors Pre-Calculus (I'm currently taking Honors Algebra 2) 2) Honors Language Arts 10 ( I'm currently taking Honors Language Arts 9 ) 3) Physics and Chemistry ( I'm right now in Block schedule 1st semester in 2 classes I took physical science and now in 1st and 2nd hour I'm taking Biology for 2nd semester) Also there is not such thing as honors Physics and Honors chemistry. 4) AP U.S.History ( I'm currently taking World History, everyone is required to take this class, theres no honors or anything) 5) French 3 (I'm currently in French 2) Right now Its the end of 1st semester, and I got all above 93+ about 3 A- and 3 As
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Nimrod Nimrod | 10 days ago
You sound incredibly smart. I am taking half of those classes right now and I am a junior. Pre-Cal should be no problem with you. If you understood geometry you will get this easily. French 3 will be a tough class. Get on your teach's good side. There are a lot of short answer papers that could be graded partially on how much your teacher likes you. (I made that mistake) English and APUSH (AP US History) should be easy if it was easy for you last year. It all depends on your teacher for that class though. Taking both chemistry and physics might be difficult. I seen kids do it before though and have no problem. Chemistry right now is proving to be easy. And physics is just a math class. They both take up a large amount of time though so manage that well. Overall you should be fine. 10 grade isn't bad at all. Ü
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Nimrod Originally Answered: How does my schedule look to you(10th grade)?
Your schedule looks good. You will have a fair amount of work though so in order to manage your time wisely, I recommend grabbing a snack and getting started on your homework as soon as you get home from school. This way, you're still in 'school mode'. Also, you will need at least three years of the same foreign language IN high school in order to stand out in college admissions. Therefore, I advise you to take Spanish 4 or AP Spanish your junior year.
Nimrod Originally Answered: How does my schedule look to you(10th grade)?
These classes are impressive for a sophomore in high school. May I also suggest taking a foreign language, and joining extracurricular activities. Most schools have a lot of clubs that you can join, or start one of your own. Colleges look for well-rounded students;
Nimrod Originally Answered: How does my schedule look to you(10th grade)?
Do not take Algebra 2. It will be obvious what you're doing - you're taking it as a blow off class. You are "grade grubbing", which looks really bad. Take something else instead.

Korbin Korbin
That's.. a lot of work. I don't even know any High Schools who do that.. hell, I don't know any college friends of mine who are taking that many hard classes... Good luck or change a couple.. you've got three more years there, don't shove everything together.
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Korbin Originally Answered: Is this 10th grade schedule too difficult to get straight A's?
No. You can do it. AP psych and honors chemistry are easy classes. Stat's not that bad either. Spanish is pretty easy. Year 3 is when you begin learning all your other conjugations and your subjunctive forms, which can be a bit confusing, but you sound like a smart kid. You'll get the hang of it. And AP Spanish is an awesome class! The best advice I can give you for a foreign language class is try and "think" in the language when you're in class and also PARTICIPATE during class World is a killer though. The exam sucked too..I'm not even going to try to lie..READ YOUR TEXTBOOK EVERY NIGHT. And study at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This was the first AP exam I ever took and I didn't know what to expect. I used the princeton review book for studying and it summed everything up in a nutshell. If your teacher has review sessions before the exam, that's helpful too. But psych and stat.. the ap exams are really straightforward. For psych, I got the Barron's. My teacher wasn't the best so I had to pretty much self-study. But if you know that Barron's book inside out.. you'll get a five. It's like the AP Psychology Bible. Stat, my teacher did really well to prepare us. Just go online onto the CollegeBoard website and solve old practice tests. For precal, the key is your homework. Seriously, just take good notes and do all your hw, you'll ace the class. If you do well, take Calc BC next year and not AB..not that difficult and a whole semester more of credit in college. As for the pre AP for english, get prepared for a LOT of writing and reading. At our school, we called it "AP Track," but I'm assuming it's the same thing, where you take both AP Lit AND Lang the next year and you take both exams at the end of the year. And of course, stay diligent. Do all your hw as soon as you get home and with good study habits, you can make straight hundreds. Besides, this year will be good practice, so you'll know to be prepared when you take all AP's your senior year! GOOD LUCK P.S. Just my two cents, I recommend taking AP Chem next year. Honors chem doesn't even scratch the surface of the subject.
Korbin Originally Answered: Is this 10th grade schedule too difficult to get straight A's?
As others have said, that depends upon the character. I took all AP and honors classes all through excessive tuition and acquired straight A's. It's special to be taking two maths directly although. And do not forget many states have arts and PE requisites that can be rough to fill should you don't take have at least one or two electives a year.

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