Should I hold my breath around car exhaust? Why do others not hold their breath & not worry about ill effects?

Should I hold my breath around car exhaust? Why do others not hold their breath & not worry about ill effects? Topic: Cigarette case store
July 24, 2019 / By Harmony
Question: I work landscaping and hold my breath around the diesel and gasoline powered machinery that we use. I only breath easy (fresh air) when I am driving machinery into the wind and not sitting around idling somewhere where exhaust fumes build up in the area. Also, when somebody at my work travels past me in a gasoline-powered mower, I hold my breath until the fumes pass. Also, walking across the parking lot at the grocery store, I hold my breath until I get into my car to avoid the fumes of other motorists. In the city, I travel the less-traveled pathways to my destination where there are fewer cars, buses and people smoking. Even taking the garbage cans (weekly) down to my neighborhood entrance (it's a longer distance so all the neighbors drive their garbage down to where it is picked up), I keep my car closed and wait for any passing cars to go by and don't open up my car to empty the cans out of the car until the fumes pass by. Perhaps I am being paranoid (maybe on that garbage thing?), but I don't see how breathing fumes can do my body any good when internet articles (and yes, the sources I've been reading are valid and speak the truth) show that carbon monoxide, un-burned hydrocarbons, lots of highly carcinogenic chemicals (many the same as those found in cigarette smoke) and other bad chemicals are found in fumes. And diesel fumes are much worse than gas fumes, being confirmed as a class 1 carcinogen. But here's the thing - I have a certain amount of time that I hold my breath for - like 23-30 seconds (depending on the wind speed and direction) to allow the fumes to pass before breathing again. I blow all the air out of my nose and take a deep breath back through my mouth after the fumes pass. And I get really upset with myself if I fail to do this. I have this utmost regret when I get relaxed on these standards and tell myself to not hold my breath (i.e. get tired of holding my breath and waiting for others to pass by when I could just hurry up and get my own tasks done - like the getting the garbage cans out of my car). I also notice that when I am fatigued or tired, my ability to focus on avoiding fumes deteriorates (i.e. I forget to hold my breath when somebody passes by). I also don't open the windows of my car - I keep them closed and use the recirculating air to avoid allowing the fumes on the road to enter my car when I'm driving the streets. When somebody pulls up to my house, I close my bedroom window to keep the fumes from the driveway from getting in my house. I hear that every breath we take in our lifetime adds up - be it ciggy smoke or car fumes or whatever (however small the effect) - so why not minimize the exposure and damage to health?
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Dominique Dominique | 10 days ago
If you can hold your breath all the way until you can breathe fresh air again, it's a good idea. However, if you hold your breath and the air is still bad, your recovery breaths are deeper and draw more of the bad air into your lungs. It's best to limit your activity and breathe shallow in the latter case. As for keeping your car windows closed, that's not a good idea. The air in your car is usually worse than the air outside - it usually is drawn from the exhausts of cars ahead of you. All your air conditioner does is get rid of the smell. Even recirculated air is polluted. If you really want to avoid pollution and stay healthier, reduce the distance of your commute and ride a bicycle instead of driving to work.
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Carrie Carrie
I think unless the fumes are constant or close proximity there is no need to hold your breath. The odor isn't an indicator of potency. Just think about how much air the fumes are passing through and they're mainly rising. But as long as not your exerting yourself holding your breath you should be fine.
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