I want to open a bar. Will this plan hold?

I want to open a bar. Will this plan hold? Topic: Price of a professional business plan
July 24, 2019 / By Tarina
Question: Hello friends. One of my biggest dreams is to open a bar. I want to open a place the likes this city has not seen before. I want it to be a classy establishment with fine wooden interior and a good atmosphere. I am even considering to go with a 1930's theme style, where even the music we play will be hokum/jazz/blues from that period in time. I also want to have a backroom with a poker table for private poker games and perhaps a pool table (other ideas welcome) One of the most important things is to attract the right clientele. I want the bar to be visited regularly (weekdays too) but i don't want bums to sit there and drink themselves to death, so perhaps a dress code of some sort could be an idea aswell? I have a whole bunch of other ideas too that stay true to the theme i am considering, but i wanna hear what you guys think about this bar. Hope to hear from you :)
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Ripley Ripley | 5 days ago
Honestly, I think you're bringing too much of your own personal preference into the aesthetic. Having a classy interior with rich wood is great, but I believe you will have a hard time finding customers who share your flare for the 30s. You could go with more modern jazz, new age piano, that sort of thing. That would open it up to wider interests. The second big concern is demographics. You say that your city hasn't had a bar like this before...is there a reason for that? Can the people in that area afford a classy joint like yours? You're obviously targeting professionals with sturdy incomes, so you have to make sure that there are enough of those people in the area. Are there business folks and old-money folks who would hang around your establishment? People judge a bar or restaurant by its aesthetics before they ever see the menu. Keeping up the classy image with prices to match it will keep out the customers that you don't want. By the same token, having prices low enough to appeal to a wider crowd hinders the image of your establishment in the eyes of the ritzy people. So you have to stick to the demographic you want, as long as that demographic does indeed exist in the area. Oh, and with the poker table, obviously you'll need to have someone supervise to make sure that there is no real gambling going on. You should provide chips. Gotta stay legal!
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Missie Missie
I would suggest that you talk to a business lawyer and present your plan. It will save you headaches in the future. They should help you work out the details to make it work. Good luck!
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