Do cows have emotions?

Do cows have emotions? Topic: Justification of the study in research
July 24, 2019 / By Ellen
Question: Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82afx4sLe... And then answer. @ Lynn What didnt you need to see? An upset mother cow and a terrified calf? Nothing gruesome there. @ Sawyer In your infinite wisdom, please explain which emotion was depicted in the video, does hunger or fatigue explain a bellowing terrified calf and a mother cow trying to block the man and then chase down a van until it couldnt keep up any longer? Get out of the river because you're in denial. Does this sound primitive? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/201... http://www.neuroscientist.com/animimag/c... All sources for this link's facts are at the bottom: http://www.farmsanctuary.org/learn/someo... Show me scientific evidence that other life forms feel less pain or have primitive systems causing less pain to be felt. All science to date has been to the contrary. There is no such thing as humane slaughter just as there is no humane murder. Stop the justifications. It does no one any good. @ Brad You keep coming up BS stories. Completely fabricated BS stories. Stories that I know from firsthand experience (seeing many deer hunts growing up, spending a lot of time in the woods, etc) as completely crap. You magically have a deer story that fits every occasion and post bent to assert your superiority to other animals. Science is not opinion. If you bothered to read ANY studies on animal intelligence especially studies done on cows and pigs, you'd know that all your claims and opinions are not only disproven by science but lies, fallacies and BS. But you'll never genuinely study any of it because it'd burst your ignorant bubble entirely. You continue to spew lies, misinformation and BS without ever reading a shred of evidence, studies or objectively looking at any reading material. The only thing you ever prove is your ignorance. I've probably studied more material (studies,research,analysis,etc) over more years than you've been alive. Are you really th
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Chrissy Chrissy | 6 days ago
Firstly @ Sawyer, hunger and tiredness are not emotions. They are physical responses. Cows are known to have a very strong maternal instinct, and cohesive social groups.
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Audrea Audrea
not the way we do, as they have a smaller more primative brain . but to answer in a yes or no sort of way, I'd say YES! just like dogs & cats each cow is uniquely different. there are just over 2 billion on the planet & most omnivores seem to think they're all clones or something. Well that's the way white southerners felt about blacks for nearly 4 centuries. "y'all look alike". ever heard that before? I have, & It's offensive. I want to say, I'm very happy to se people like you & @feral_lover standing up against the oppression against non-human animals. there's a wicked sense of speciesm & disrespect for other animals, it needs to stop!. I'm not going to lie. I eat meat. but NEVER farm-raised meat. I either eat wild game that's been humanely put down. or seafood. fish, oysters, clams...ect. these tend to have a more primative nervous-system. they still feel pain, but I firmly believe they're not as sentient as cows, pigs, chicken,ducks & the like. Idealy, if 1 were to eat meat (if they insist).; it'd be from invertebrates. particularly land-insects. they have slighty more developed NS than coral, sea-anæname & jelly-fish. but less than any other land-animal. it's imperative that we raise awareness of what's going on in the meat & dairy industry. they're corrupt & are poisoning the environment & us as well.
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Abbi Abbi
The human primate is just another animal, so of course other animals have emotions just like we do. Humans are so arrogant and full of hubris to believe they hold a innately special and predetermined place in the world/universe.
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Stacey Stacey
All animals do, people who breed popular dogs continually sell the pups and don't care about the mother being distressed, it is easily proven that animals feel the same feelings as us as they show it.
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Othello Othello
Of course they do, but not even remotely to the degree that humans do. Here is a story. I was deer hunting last year. A family of 5 deer came up to me. I shot one and it ran a few yards, fell, and then died. The rest of the deer ran about 60 yards, stopped, looked around, and then continued to feed. They just went on about their day. If a family of humans walked up to me and I shot one of them I'm sure you know it would be different. These peoples lives would be changed forever. They would be sickened with grief, their lives will have been changed forever, probably not a day would go by that they wouldn't think about it, they would arrange a funeral, and they would grieve for the rest of their lives. Now you can have your own opinion, but mine opinion is that the animals I eat don't possess the emotions that humans have. They don't even remotely have our emotions. People aren't in denial, they just have different opinions. Its many peoples opinion (including mine) that there is humane slaughter. You have a different opinion, but that doesn't make you right.
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Othello Originally Answered: What is wrong with my emotions?
If you go to a psychiatrist, they'll prescribe mood stabilizers and sh*t like that, so just keep your head up and let it pass. Don't overanalyse things and keep your cool.

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