I am angry - any one agree?

I am angry - any one agree? Topic: Statistic homework help
July 24, 2019 / By Lee
Question: I have just read a question about a 'crazy' 6 month old labrador, the person asking is saying her dog is crazy and afraid it will attack the baby - I won't mention the name to save from embarrassment. Well, HELLO! Dogs are a full -time commitment, why have one if you are too busy/broke/clueless to keep and train him properly? They are a responsibility, and this 'crazy' young healthy will be another sad statistic at the vets or homeless pound, because the clueless dolly of an owner simply did not think about the commitment of dog ownership. interesting that Kate_bush think I am a scurge......respect your opinion and all that, Kate hon - but I am a nurse and midwife, so pretty well educated really! and we are allowed to write what we feel. Thanks for all you answers
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Jada Jada | 10 days ago
It does bother me that people don't do more homework on the difference between having a stuffed animal and a real live one. But on the other hand, if they are willing to take the animal to training and get trained with the animal on how to care for it and help it be a family member and not a terror because of their inexperience, they may end up being great pet owners. I absolutely agree that if a person is too busy, or broke or clueless and not getting help in training when they need it, they don't need to own a dog and I agree that it is a big commitment. I have fostered a lot of puppies and dogs and kept one that I fostered. I have three dogs that are all different in personality and were challenging in different ways but they are gems now, with training and care. Some people don't realize that it is like having a child. They need training, good food, attention, medical care and dental care and they give so much more back..
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Jada Originally Answered: Why am I angry?
Some things to think about: 1. You could have a chemical imbalance in the brain, or you could have a hormonal balance, two very different things but both can affect your mood. Make an appointment with your family physician and discuss this with them so that they can better assess what is going on with you. They can take blood to test your hormonal levels, as well as the overall function of your other organs. If it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, they may prescribe medication to calm you like an antidepressant, for example. 2. You may also be simply undergoing a tremendous amount of stress and change in your life and this is making you more prone to anger. Maybe things are not going your way as much as you like, and so you feel frustrated about it. Or perhaps you are not sure where you are going in your life, especially when you compare yourself to your peers. It could be any number of things, so if it is troubling you perhaps you could find a counselor to help you sort out your issues. Talking to someone who is objective (and not a family member or a friend) really helps us to sort out our problems and figure things out. There is always a root cause to anger, however. Depression, frustration and disappointment lead us in that direction and it is hard to pull out of it at times, especially when we have tried hard to pull ourselves out of that space. Believe me I have been there at times and it is very hard to deal with. Some things I learned in life may help: 1. Anger affects your overall body functions and puts stress on its systems, such as your heart and your immune system. The more angry you get the more you are setting the stage for illness. We don't think about this when we are young because we think we are invincible, but this is not the case. Our bodies are sensitive instruments and our moods will affect how it operates. 2. Perpetual anger affects our self esteem. Simply put, the more anger you have the more likely you are to have low self esteem. It becomes a perpetual cycle from which you can't escape, unless you address the root cause. 3. Anger affects our relationships. We all get angry from time to time, but if we are constantly in that space people will withdraw from you. If you are blaming others for your problems or screaming at them for the slightest thing, people will come to fear you. 4. If your anger is so intense and obsessional (as in thinking about it all day) perhaps you might consider working it through in an anger management forum so you learn how to control it. It is important to understand that anger is a normal emotion unless it gets out of control and begins to affect all areas of your life: work, family, school, etc. There are always going to be days when things don't necessarily go our way, or days when people really piss us off or when the slightest thing sets us off, like the cat or dog peeing on the floor. Things happen. But investing your energy in constant anger will only distract you from the important things in life - your family, your job, school, your relationships - and it is simply not worth it. Why? Because life is too short and investing in this is a waste of your life energy. Try distracting yourself when you feel this way. Take a walk as a way to start exercising. Exercising raises the endorphin levels in the brain, and this definitely elevates our moods. Think about the positive things in life that you have achieved, as well as the things you enjoy in life, however simplistic they are. Watch your favorite silly movie, or read a good book. Realize that these things do pass and there is always tomorrow. Usually tomorrow is usually a lot better than yesterday.

Finbarr Finbarr
Actually, a 6 month old dog or any other animal acts a bit crazy, because it's still a big baby, and they play etc. But it is also the perfect age to get them trained and become perfect dogs and be the child's best friend. So I agree with you that this woman who was worried has done nothing of what she is supposed to do to solve her problem responsibly, and in fact she will have no problem if she does. By the way, today I've heard of this other story that will make you angry too: a couple has a dogo argentino. They hired a "trainer", who really tortured their dog and urged the man to do the same, as training, to the point that the dog lost his senses etc. Naturally, the dog had the opposite results, and has ended up biting them. Now the have gone to another trainer, who is not sure he can turn things around, but he'll try. The good thing is they don't want to give him away, because they realize it's their responsibility, especially now that they' ve turned it to a dog no one will want. They have decided to keep it even like that, in a large enclosed area of their property.
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Daren Daren
I agree with you. a 6 month old puppy regardless of breed it going to be full of energy. There is a saying that the reason puppies are so cute is so they live to adulthood. Having a puppy is a fulltime commitment. In my own case by the time my rottweiler puppy was 1 yr old he had eat thru 2 walls and not counting everything else he destroyed. Also as most large breeds they take longer to mature. It is normal for big dogs to be 2 yrs old and still rearraning your landscaping LOL. I started thinking I could never leave my rottie loose in the house. He was 4 yrs old when he finally settled down lol.
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Azaziah Azaziah
You may be being very hard on this person..they may not have been articulate enough to say what is going on and may not know why. In my life, I had a pet Peke, somewhat young, was the center of attention, and then I had my first child..the dog got attention, but not as much...there was a new baby in the house and babies need attention. The dog became spiteful, started eating everything it could, tearing up this and that. No matter how much attention the dog got, it was not enough. IF I were holding the baby, the dog, who may have been laying quietly in the room, suddenly started jumping up on me wanting all the attention...No matter what I did, I could not get the dog to share time with the baby. Granted I was not a very good dog trainer then, but I could not handle the situation for fear that the DOG was very unhappy in the household. I certainly had no fear that it would harm the baby. I found a great home for him, and he was much happier being the only one in the house who got attention. Some dogs are like that...it hurt to say goodbye to my dog, but .... I had to put the dog's happiness before mine, and I certainly could not put the dog's happiness in front of my childs. So back off a little...you may not know the whole story. Thanks,
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Whitney Whitney
Labrador pups can be particularly energetic, and "naughty" if left to their own devices, and they can stay in the "puppy" stage for up to 2 years. While I did not read the posting you refer to, it is a fact that many pets are left at shelters because the owner did not fully think the responsibilty through before getting a dog. And while a person may have his/her heart set on a specific breed of dog, they need to choose their pet carefully to make certain their lives will blend well with the dog's needs. I am not angry, but I do agree with many of your points.
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Sharla Sharla
I know what you mean. Many families pick a cute pup, not realizing its MOMMY who has to take care of the house, kids, hubby and dog, including everybody's food, clothes, bed linens, poop, pee and puke. Its hard to be a MOMMY for everyone! I think she needs a spa day for herself, and to drop the kids at a babysitter, the dog at a trainer, and send in the Merry Maids to clean the house. Then after the massage and facial, she can pick up some Applebees to go, have a nice dinner with the family and realistically discuss the responsibilities to be delegated to everyone in the family!! Any other MOMMIES agree? p.s. kids let this be a lesson to you!
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Ornat Ornat
What really riles me is the number of bridal extravaganzas that have pet adoptions at them. Oh yes, we will get a puppy or kitten and treat it like a babyy and then when we have a bab y the pet will have to go because it is too spoiled. I have a beautiful dog who came into our house because the original owner, who let him sleep in her bed and bottle fed him couldn't understand why he wanted to lay down by the baby and why he "stole" the babies bottles. About the only two things in the world you don't have to go to training for is parent hood and pet ownership. Please don't get me started on that soap box!
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Malinda Malinda
They could always just get rid of the kid! But seriously, the dog isn't crazy because it's a little mouthy. It's a freaking puppy. Nothing a little training and growing won't help.
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Kimberleigh Kimberleigh
In my home, I would never have considered giving up a pet because I had a child/baby come into the family. But soooo many people do this, my own sister did. They worried that the pet could be a potential threat to the child/baby and got rid of it. I am amazed at the number of people who think pets are dispensible.
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Kimberleigh Originally Answered: I am so angry right now?
As the parent of a 17 year old daughter my first question is how well do your parents know the people you would be going with? It is hard for parents to come to grips with the idea of their daughter (or son) going so far away with someone they don't know well or are not sure about. You have a well thought out question and if you were to approach your parent(s) in a mature way at a less stress time and present your case , as it were, much as you did on here, explaining how you would cover your school work etc., you may at least get them to listen to you. Ask your prospective to host(s) to meet your parents in a pleasant, low key way. No pressure, just a friendly meeting. I hope you have a Merry Christmas..

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