How can i stop feeling so angry?

How can i stop feeling so angry? Topic: How to write a time management paper
July 24, 2019 / By Ken
Question: I keep feeling really really angry all the time. Sometimes peoples voices annoy me so much I just want to punch something. I really want to stop feeling like this. I have tried counting to 50 but it never works. I also have a really hard time trying to pay attention like when the teachers talking. Is there something wrong with me or is normal to feel like this? Im 13 by the way!
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Hezron Hezron | 8 days ago
Hi Corissa, That sounds kinda normal for 13. People want to call it 'hormones', changes, or growing pains ...I just say 'whatever'. I was a helvasish rebel! Destructive & did about anything I wasn't suppose to. Strangely, I still respected my folks, but then I'd go to my buddies house & take his moms car for 'off road joy rides' (it wasn't an off road car & was only 14). We formed a small 'gang' & would go around late at night messing up the 'popular kid's houses'. I even did worse, but will leave it out. I guess that was my way of dealing with the 'rage'. I was VERY lucky & never got hurt or arrested. It passed by the time I was a junior (17) or so. I got a darn good job at 16 making money under the table on a tree farm & it not only mellowed me out, it made me freak'n strong! Not sure if it was the increased 'constructive' activity, or just settling down with age, but probably a combination of both. Anger's tough cause it's usually rooted in fear or pain (anger is considered a 'secondary emotion'). I don't think someone needs counseling unless it's destructive or adversely affecting your life. The fact that you're asking leads me to believe you're really mature for your age and want to gain power/control over it. There's a lot of good 'anger management ' stuff on the Internet. Some of it is kinda wierd, but you'll be surprised how well some of them work. Journaling or having a 'diary' is an excellent way to put what bothers you out on paper ...writing things down helps a lot!. You don't have to be perfect & have so many expectations of yourself at your age - that leads to stress & anxiety. Sorry to write so much (like your teacher!) and hope it helps a little. Very good question!!! -SgtOfHeart
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Hezron Originally Answered: What can i do to stop feeling like this?
Counselor. I know that's cheesy but it's true. I felt similar feelings a while ago but found that the counselor had a lot of tools to help me deal with those feelings on a daily basis. She helped me to deal with them right away, and helped me see what I need. For cheap counseling, try a university or grad school nearby: see if their psychology department has any students giving free counseling. They are usually being taught by some very educated people and can therefore give you quality tools to help. Things to keep you out of the funk while you wait to see a counselor: Movies/TV/Games - getting involved in another world can help you to forget about the burdens of your own Routine - keep the structure you normally have during your day Eat Healthy - skipping meals can rob you of the energy you need to cope Keep a Journal - seeing your thoughts and feelings written can help you to pinpoint the source of the problem, or help the counselor pinpoint the source Sleep - most people need 7-9 hours every night. try to go to bed and get up the same time every day Cardio - do some kind of physical activity that you enjoy. sports, working out, running, swimming, even walking around the neighborhood. I would suggest during the day because of the serotonin the sun produces in your brain, but if you're a night owl, the night strolls work great too. Avoid using alcohol or drugs to "self medicate" - this includes caffeine. you definitely don't want to be depressed and then start drinking. trust me. Calm yourself -find activities that are soothing/relaxing. bubble baths, favorite music, meditation, paint a picture, etc Find Humor in Life - spend time with those who make you laugh. watch a comedy or read a funny book Remember what's helped you before - recall what you've done to help you in these situations, make a list of them, and try to do them. Spiritual Side - whatever your faith, make sure that part of you is taken care of People/Solitude - whichever one you're lacking, try the other for a spell. there's two parts to your soul that can be touched by either spending time with people, or regrouping and getting to know yourself better. you need a balance of both in your life All these are just suggestions to keep you on top of things until you can get a counselor. Sorry I can't help more. These things were what was given to me when I needed them. Let me know if they help.

Elmer Elmer
Ok, yes at 13 you will be experiencing a rush of the hormone testosterone, which in a lot of young lads can make the aggression levels go rocketing off the scale out of control. I appreciate you wanting to control it, I suggest you going along and having a chat with your g.p doctor, also if you have a trusted calm good male role model that you can talk to they will be understanding of this and should be able to advize you on this. Good luck mate, this will pass and you will grow up to be a lovely young man. x
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Clancey Clancey
I'm the same way and I'm an adult!I wish I could offer you some sort of useful advice.The only thing I can suggest is trying to find an outlet for your anger by doing something you're passionate about.
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Amittai Amittai
It is perfectly normal for a person to go through spouts of anger for no reason while going through puberty. If it isn't puberty, then maybe it's stress. If you're stressed out, I'd find some sort of outlet, whether is be gaming, writing, singing, or just walking around. Hope my opinion helps.
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Tilly Tilly
You want to punch people cause thier talking?! Your 13 grown adult want to kick your head in every time a whiny little complaint comes out of your mouth. You need to learn some respect and patience. Or life is going to get even harder.
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Roxie Roxie
All i can say is get someone to make you happy....in my mind i think you should get a boyfriend, someone you can get your anger out of,tell him your feelings and learn to love.
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Roxie Originally Answered: Can I stop feeling guilty?
There are so many things that can cause a low-milk supply. Hormone imbalances (like PCOS), weight issues (if your BMI is high), stress, improper stimulus (pump vs baby suckling for instance), medications, pain, and on and on down the list. Some people say 1% of mothers cannot physically breastfeed, the better estimates are 5% and that's not understanding why some mothers have low milk supplies and not counting them in that count. You're going above and beyond, and you're doing fine. PCOS does typically come from your father's side, and your grandmother having it, your father passing it onto you, does fit the bill. Some women with PCOS actually make too much milk, but the majority have the hormone issues and make very little or dry up by 3 months. You shouldn't feel guilty. Even if you chose to formula feed because of some other reason, you shouldn't feel guilty. Your baby is healthy, happy, and strong. The formula fed babies in my family are as healthy as the breastfed ones. I was breastfed and have allergies, asthma, and a plethora of problems they say are caused by formula. The fact is, we know that it's a correlation, not a causation, and formula is not poison. I had a similar experience. Before my daughter was born I planned on donating milk. My grandmother was a wet-nurse, my mother donated, I wanted to do the same. We had a good latch, and 3 days after birth she had to be hospitalized with jaundice, and infection, and dehydrated. They had 2 lactation consultants look at me, then an expert came in from 2 hours away, took a look at me, measured my chest and said that I was the reason formula was invented, that my breasts were deformed, and I MIGHT be able to breastfeed a baby after I've had 5. Pumping never worked, so I had to hand-express, and I gave her that in a little cup so that it was easier to get the breastmilk than the bottle formula. After a month or so she latched on again, but would drain me and then need formula. I've been told not to even bother trying with this next one, but I will. A mouthful is still a benefit. But if someone looks at me and says "You could have breastfed" or "don't you know that formula causes all the sicknesses and diseases?" or something else then I want to punch them in the mouth. They don't know how I sat there and thought she'd be better off with another mother, how my husband had to take over everything, the depression and pain from having to let go of that.

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