Why are government workers so angry at everything?

Why are government workers so angry at everything? Topic: Food for less jobs application
July 24, 2019 / By Ike
Question: I had to go renew my license, renew my tag, update my food stamps application and mail my rent all in one day. So that's a lot of government office visits. Every worker I encountered was miserable, rude, b*tchy, had no teeth and smelled. If they hate their job so much why don't they quit so I can have it? I'm desperately looking for a job. If you can't attempt to be nice then why work in a position that requires you to?
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Ethan Ethan | 5 days ago
They are not required to have initiative. If you go to work and understand that regardless of what you do you will not make any difference. It makes no difference what you do you can't be fired and you may see how the job could be made more effective and less wasteful but you are unable to make ANY changes. You make a good living so you can't afford to leave but you can make no difference at all. Rubber stamp existence.
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Well, in most countries, it's the government's responsibility. But we've decided that we don't want the government to run healthcare (except for the poor, veterans, and elderly) and want it in the hands of private industry. Trying to buy health insurance as an individual is simply impossible for a large percent of the population because the insurance companies then hold all the power and can charge pretty much whatever they want, while giving preferential group rates to companies. If a company dropped their insurance and gave their employees the money that they spent on the insurance, their employees would not be able to get an equivalent plan on their own for the same amount. Vermont recently approved a public/private single payer system. Hopefully it will work well and more states will follow the model in a few years. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are spending millions on propaganda campaigns to try to turn people against it, like they did, successfully, for Obamacare. Prior to Obamacare, almost every poll showed that a significant majority (60+%) of Americans supported a single-payer system.

Conway Conway
You can't generalize and say all government workers are angry. There are a lot but it's their own personality and personal outlook on life, not necessarily the job. I've met some very friendly government workers and some real a**holes. As for why don't they quit...if you had a good paying government job, even if you hated it, wouldn't you stay?
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Arran Arran
They are government workers protected by a union. It does not have to be right , but that's just the way it is. If they work, or just sit in the back room they still get paid, and a pension to boot. Very bad business, but that's how our government is run. MR
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Unity Unity
Idk, these govt. workers are never doing anything when I see them, and when they do move they are like turtles...creepy and slow...LOL
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I feel that the "No child left behind" concept is good. Probably not executed as well as it could be and improvements can definitely be made. As for your problem with not being able to take AP classes due to lack of availability in your school, have you tried looking at taking classes at a local community college? Where I am, high school students who qualify can take certain classes if space is available. A lot of history class options should be available to you. I don't think you're being emo (this term cracks me up). I think it's good that you value getting a good education but try not to blame programs that is trying to help those struggling. I also don't think the committee is ignoring you. The school system is bound by certain rules as well, if they don't pass a certain level they lose more funding and possible school shut down. Maybe you can start a mentoring/tutoring program in your school that pairs high achieving students with those that need academic help. This can look good on college applications, if the school acknowledges through letters of recommendation. This can help you, the student who needs help and the school because the teachers would get extra help and not be so overwhelmed. Good luck.

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