How do I get a hold of Facebook via e-mail?

How do I get a hold of Facebook via e-mail? Topic: How to write a note on facebook
July 24, 2019 / By Scout
Question: I have been accused by a long time friend to have reported her to Facebook for an abusive picture she posted. She did post a picture and I did post that it would be abusive if actually done but I did not report it or her to Facebook. She sent me a very angry post saying that Facebook is now watching her account because I reported her when there was no abuse happening in the picture. Apparently, Facebook sent her information using my name and stating I reported her. I did not. I wondered if I accidentally pushed some button or something that reported her without knowing it but I was shown how a report has to be written out and there is no way of accidentally reporting something like this. If I didn't report her, what exactly happened here and how do I contact Facebook to get it figured out?
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Oanez Oanez | 9 days ago
Facebook does not reveal their source if someone reports an image or a post as offensive on their website. They only send you a note to tell you that it has been reported or they take it down if it is obvious sexual content, racist, or copyrighted material. So there is no way that your friend would know that it was you even if you did report her. My guess is that she suspects you did report her, and that's why she claims that the message from Facebook stated it was you. She's trying to see if you will admit to it. If you are still friends with her, then I would ask her to show you the message that she got from Facebook so you can see exactly what they said. If she refuses to show you, she is probably lying. You cannot make someone believe you. They either believe you or they don't. And contacting Facebook staff won't make any difference in that. But if you are intent to follow up, you can try this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/1814959686... Facebook does not provide any support phone numbers or emails. They expect you to do all your communication through the "Report" button or with "Give Feedback".
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It is legit...a proposed $20 million dollar settlement, when paid out to each claimant (if even 2 million claims are filed) would be $10. It might seem low, but it's simple math. That's the reason why the entire $20 million, if awarded, would go to a non-profit if too many people make a claim so that the actual amount each person would get is pennies. And why do people have to say things like that the site "DOES NOT" ask for your bank information when it clearly does...optional, yes, but they do ask for it (Te first class action suit I've seen where they give you that option). Lets try to stick with facts when answering these questions. Just choose the mail me a check option and you'll be fine If you're not a lawyer, this is not worth reading, but it's a link to the decision of the US District Court--San Jose: http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?=case2449132774919250154&hl=en&as_sdt=2&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr .
Oanez Originally Answered: Fraley v. Facebook E-Mail?
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Maddie Maddie
The only way that Facebook would even send anything with your name on it to her inbox would be if you click the message insert name here and let them know how you feel about the post. Believe me I know I had a girl make a fake Facebook page of me and I asked everyone I knew to report it. And a few people clicked the wrong button, so I got a few messages from the people with a premade Facebook message just asking to take down the offensive material. But the way Facebook words it is that it comes from you
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Kendall Kendall
there is no way to contact facebook via phone or email - and facebook doesnt tell people who reported them - she's just bluffing
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Don't post it in public. Not everyone on facebook has friends that are... well... friends. If you get what I mean. Like, I, have teachers, family members, people I met at concerts. I wouldn't want my love interest and relationship exposed out in the open like that - even if it is sweet and lovely. In person is always more touching. Maybe with a flower or a rose with it? That would be really nice. But if you're thinking via internet - pirvate - always. I think it's better through email. It's more personal than Facebook.

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