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House hold cleaning? Topic: Third grade homework scheduled
July 24, 2019 / By Orian
Question: well, my mom does not clean whatsoever! she sleeps all day and the house is always a wreck. i have to juggle sports, school, homework, and cleaning! any suggestions or tips to make cleaning not so bad. thnx!
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Lehi Lehi | 2 days ago
I am a mom with two grown Son's I am very much the opposite your mom - I am a clean freak.. Do you have any other siblings? I work and have a very tight schedule.. every day I do load laundry just to keep up.. Do one room at time.. I space it out, bathroom and kitchen one night, next day or night, bedroom.. dust every second or third day... I listen to good loud music.. How old are you? I didn't expect my boys to do anything during the week.. Just school and sports.. Everyday I had a cooked meal on the table. You should not have all that responsibility school is your top priority not cleaning.. Someone should talk to your mom and get her lazy a** out bed. I still do my boys laundry and they are moved out ,but I enjoy helping them keep their home clean... If were my child - you would not be expected to clean.. Just get good grades and enjoy your childhood. So in reality I don't really have any good tips - just little advise-keep your own room clean - that's it...
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These topics might help you. Look at #7 for an example on how to combine the similarities and differences. Google single parent vs two parent households. 1. emotional support for the children 2. type of discipline 3. inconsistent discipline 4. rules 5. supervision 6. conflict between parent and child *** 7. achieved levels of education 8. dropout rate 9. incarceration rate 10.violent crime 11.gang involvement 12.teen pregnacy 13.emotional and behavioral problems 14.alcohol and drug problems 15.suicide 16.social support 17.work related stress 18.compliance with school policies and procedures 19.support for extra curricular activities 20.self perception *** Numerous investigations have proven that children from single parent homes obtain lower IQ and SAT scores. Moreover, these children have lower grade point averages and complete fewer years of schooling. However, when studies of IQ, SAT scores, GPAs, and years of schooling controlled for socio-economic status, they found the difference in academic achievement to be hardly significant (Hargreaves 1991: 41-42).

Jaden Jaden
Get a super soaker and fill it with ice water and shoot your mom when she's lounging around. That oughtta get her moving! No but seriously, try to clean as you go. If you have a bowl of cereal in the morning, do whatever dishes are in the sink. Before you leave for school, put a load of laundry in the washer and when you get come, put it in the dryer and add another to the washer. Throw them in clothes baskets until you have time to fold them and put them away on the weekends. Or sit them near where your mom sits and maybe she'll take some initiative (or add a note to the top of the pile that says "hey mom, did the laundry but had to go to school before I could fold it, if you get the time maybe you could help? Thanks!") When you get home from school, have your snack.supper and do up those dishes. Clean the counters and stove while you're at it. And for things like the bathroom and other cleaning make it a weekly chore. (Monday- clean toilet and sweep and mop bathroom floor, Tuesday clean bathtub and sink, Wednesday change kitty litter, Thursday vacuum, Friday garbage (or whatever day garbage day may be) and dusting, Saturday go through house with trash can and junk everything not useful, Sunday fold laundry) And you should be able to get your homework in that way. And maybe your mom will see how much you're trying to help out and she will take more initiative too.
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Finnegan Finnegan
Well it really sucks that your mom doesn't help out. You should not have to do all the housework, but if you clean as you go it helps because as a rule the longer something sets dirty the more scrubbing is required to clean it. Example, dirty dishes do not need to go onto the counter ( where they sit and the food hardens on them) then into the sink then into the dishwasher. They should go directly to the dishwasher. When cooking, try one pot meals like soups or cassaroles to minimize dishes. It also it helps to find good cleaning products that will do part of the work for you. Example, some of the tub cleaners are so strong that if you spray them on wait a few minutes then wipe, there is no need for scrubbing. Careful of those vapors though. Be sure to use good ventilation. Minimize the need for ironing by folding cloths while they are still warm from the dryer. Finally, sounds like your having to be the parent here. If your mom is just plain lazy, I would just move out, there is no reason you should have to clean more than your fair share. If she is depressed, encourage her to get a grip. Often when people are depressed it comes from afeeling of worthlessness. Doing things to help out could make her feel better. Good luck
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Darien Darien
Sounds like your mom needs some help?! Is she depressed? Was she always like this? Anyway for the cleaning part. Do you have to do everything? Like laundry and stuff? Who did it before you were old enough? I come from a large family so I always had to help out even on school nights but my mom did the cooking and laundry. Just work the front of the house first so it appears clean to strangers coming into the house close bedroom doors until you get to them &always make sure the bathroom is clean. If you put stuff away imediately then its much easier to keep the house clean. And play music to keep you going its much easier when you make it fun. Good Luck!! Youre a great kid!!
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Azrael Azrael
Sounds like you need to hire a cleaning service. Talk to someone about that. You shouldn't have to worry about the house too. Right now your job is school. I can understand having some chores to do around the house like loading and unloading the dishwasher, maybe running the vacuum occasionally and helping with laundry. If a cleaning service isn't possible save the housework for the weekend. Pick up after yourself and keep up with the dishes and wiping down the counters. The rest of it can wait.
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Azrael Originally Answered: Poll: who does the cleaning in your house?
Hmm... my current situation doesn't apply, but when my son was little, his father and I both worked full time, (which if you are working nights, and going to school, equals more than full time) regarding the house and the baby, we both cleaned. We'd take turns with dinner and the resulting clean up, and as to the house come Saturday, we'd work together to get it clean, laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. We both did it. As to the baby, during my maternity leave, I got up with him at night through out the week, his dad got up with him on the weekends. Once I went back to work, we took turns, every other night. As to that throwing his trash on the floor, that's just rude. How would he like it if you went to his work and undid his progress at whatever he does. I had an ex like that once, he thought since I stayed home, it was my job to pick up after him. Used to irritate me to no end, to have just mopped and watch him walk thru in his muddy shoes and track up my clean floor, since it was "my job" when it wouldn't have killed him to wipe his feet. Your family is wrong, and he needs to get a grip, and pitch in. Sharing a house, a baby, and a life together is hard work. He needs to start sharing the load. Edit: Kristal, she's not a sahm. She goes to school, and works nights. When is she supposed to sleep? Do homework? etc if she's busy running around behind him picking up his messes?

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