How can parents teach their children to deal with emotions without using violence?

How can parents teach their children to deal with emotions without using violence? Topic: How to write a psychology paper
July 24, 2019 / By Arley
Question: I am writing a paper on bullying for my psychology class. I typed the question just how it is on my paper. So I am thinking in general, how do you teach children to deal with their own emotions with out using violence? Thanks for the replys
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Twila Twila | 2 days ago
My parents always told me to "punch a pillow." I also used to try to deal with emotions by drawing pictures, not even necessarily of the things that were bothering me. The process of drawing and coloring was a distraction from whatever it was I was upset about. Dried my tears and I concentrated more on that than whatever I was crying about in the first place.
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Sandra Sandra
Can you be more specific? Do you mean without the parents hitting the kids? Because that teaches them to use violence to deal with emotional issues...
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Noelle Noelle
Children should be taught how to express their emotions when the are young. Parents can ask their children how they are feeling? They can give them examples; sad, happy, scared, excited, etc. Parent's can be good role models by having appropriate responses to their children's expression of emotions. When a child is happy, laugh with them. When a child is angry, teach them how to talk about it and find ways to cool down. Good Luck.
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Lysandra Lysandra
There are tons of parenting books available. Also, Supernanny and Nanny 911 deal with this constantly.
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