How important do you think showing emotions is to an athlete?

How important do you think showing emotions is to an athlete? Topic: How to write a pitch for a show
July 24, 2019 / By Abbye
Question: I've played softball since I was five, and I just quit my sophmore year of college, and my past coaches biggest complaint about me is that I am emotionless on the field. Some wanted me to look angrier. They thought it was important to 'send a message' to the other team. I've always hated those coaches cos I felt they didn't understand me. I needed to be emotionless to pitch. I needed to be clean of all that garbage so I could think clearly. However, since this was a complaint from more than two of my past coaches- I was curious to see what other people in the world of sports (or even outside) thought about this. My personal reason for being emotionless is because I am a very emotionally chaotic person. While my teammates soley know me as being stoic/shy, I know that beneath the exterior that I am a highly sensitive. I don't want any extreme emotions in me cuz they distract and inhibit me. What is ur opinion? Is necessary or more favorable to openly show aggression/attitude in sports?
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Stephanas Stephanas | 9 days ago
they should understand, you can only pitch with your face emotionless, that's fine. when i write or draw characatures for money i made the strangest faces, not angry, but odd, its how my face moves, and they have no right to complain if i do a good job when i'm done. so keep your face emotionless if it get the job done for you, and if you still get complaints then draw a thin black line over your eye brows and mouth to look intimidating. they would be able the notice the pencil from long distances, and everybody's happy, well... intimidated. good luck
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Paden Paden
Sometimes shutting off your emotions does good. If you can't think clearly then pitching without emotions is alright. Don't always shut them off though. I've made that mistake. Sometimes it is best to actually play the game like everyone else does, ya know?
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