I feel so angry at everything right now?

I feel so angry at everything right now? Topic: Music homework for kids
July 24, 2019 / By Zinnia
Question: Ok i made a random yahoo account for this. I'm a chinese kid in high school. I'm angry at school. I hate waking up at 6 AM, and doing all that stuff. I hate doing homework and studying for 3 tests every day. I generally get good grades (a- to a+) but i hate it. I feel like some of my friends prefer the more popular kids. When I talk to some of them, we have a really good conversation, but as soon as a cooler kid comes along, some of them just leave and talk to that kid. My parents piss me off so much. They always find a new thing to yell at me about, whether it's about not winning that piano competition, or slouching, or sleeping too much, or going on the computer, etc. They always tell me to ask them questions, but when i do, they call me retarded I hate doing community service, but our school requires it. People make fun of my taste in music. I generally listen to electronic dance music, which people call "chinese dubstep," and it pisses me off so much. I'm not sure if the girl i like likes me back. We talk, but i dont know. Can somebody help me??
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Sherill Sherill | 4 days ago
Calm down, you'll be fine. First, asian parents, stereotypically push their kids harder, but because of that, you'll get into a better collage. Two, high school sometimes sucks, but it gets better. Third, you don't need people to approve in your taste in music, you can listen to it is because you want to. Lastley, you are angry at your parents because it is natural to try and seperate from your parents because you want independence. Trust me, just relax, you'll be fine.
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Marise Marise
Trust me. I know how you feel. I just want to scream. All this pressure to have straight A's, Honors and AP classes, dealing with f-ing teachers that should just die. I'm so sick of waking up at six in the morning and staying after school to study until five thirty. I'm starting to hate clubs and extracurrilculers. Everyone gives tons of homework with short due dates. I strongly hope that someone blows up my highschool over spring break. FML right now, lol. So exhausted. Good luck.
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Kristie Kristie
things will get better for you high school is not forever make sure you get plenty of rest do more things with your friends go to high school parties be friendly to everyone you know make your self be known are you good at sports? you will see more friends (girls ;) find your own unique! then you will draw more friends! parents just don't understand a stress teen at times try to avoid them and their negative activity catch them in a good mood and explain to them how you feel maybe they will be less harsh who cares what anyone else thinks... if that's what you like who else should care don't pay them no mind don't beat around the bush if you want to know ask her i hope this will make your day a little better :)
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Jeanetta Jeanetta
U hoots be a troll hahaha... If not get cool, look at the guy who gets the pusssy at your school and dress just like him. Get some swag, but don't ever use the word swag, and if anyone asks say it's Something We Asians Got!!!
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Jeanetta Originally Answered: I am so angry right now?
As the parent of a 17 year old daughter my first question is how well do your parents know the people you would be going with? It is hard for parents to come to grips with the idea of their daughter (or son) going so far away with someone they don't know well or are not sure about. You have a well thought out question and if you were to approach your parent(s) in a mature way at a less stress time and present your case , as it were, much as you did on here, explaining how you would cover your school work etc., you may at least get them to listen to you. Ask your prospective to host(s) to meet your parents in a pleasant, low key way. No pressure, just a friendly meeting. I hope you have a Merry Christmas..

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