How to get my emotions back?

How to get my emotions back? Topic: How to write a social work paper
July 24, 2019 / By Alvina
Question: I don't know how to experience or explain emotions but I remember having them a long time ago. I have a hard time caring about people or things and I don't see a point in literally everything. I do however get uncomfortable around people and tend to stay inside 24/7, I haven't left my house in weeks. I should be bothered by it but I'm not.. There are "traumatic" events that could've led up to it and I do therapy but nothing's working. This is a serious question and I'd appreciate it if no one was mean because I'd REALLY like an answer for this.
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Vergil Vergil | 2 days ago
It looks like you have alot internalized (kept inside), Talk to someone ring a helpline if you need to. Or write everything that has happened to you on a paper. Everything that people would see as a traumatic event. Acknowledge the hurt. You sound like you have social anxiety maybe depression. These are emotions. I was like you, I stayed inside all the time, I hated people. And i believed i didnt feel emotions, I still believe it, I just dont feel sympathy for people. But trust me when i spoke to a councellor on the phone afterwards i felt 10000000 times better. It was because i had spoken to someone about everything, I didnt just tell them little things. She said i believed i should be tougher and that infact its okay to feel sorry for yourself. Just next time something traumatic happens tell yourself its okay to be sad, Aknowledge the hurt Good luck honey xx
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Vergil Originally Answered: Msn emotions? HELP PLZ?
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Ronnie Ronnie
We would have more insight if you update with your age. And maybe you need to brighten up your life a little. Look up comedies, go find a colorful hobby, have sex, engage in a tv show series
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Ronnie Originally Answered: Why don't I have any proper emotions?
I assume you may have been tramatized by the death of you child friend so much you use indifference as a coping mechnism. There is nothing wrong with this type of grieving as long as you come to an understanding of your loss. Within two years during and after my senior year in high school 3 of my classmates died accidentally. The first I hardly knew, the second I sort of knew and the last was my first crush since middle school. I feel like I cried more over the first two more than the last because I felt bad that I never got the chance to really know them while they were alive. I cried less over the last because I knew him and had made great memories with him and those memories were enough to keep me smiling. Do try working on holding back on the papercuts and the torn jeans, papercuts heal and jeans can be repaired or replaced, when a living thing is gone there's no bringing them back. I believe the more you practice sympathy the more you well understand yourself.
Ronnie Originally Answered: Why don't I have any proper emotions?
seems like you largely ignore what happens not to you directly, that is if something happens to someone you know you brush it off, but when it happens to you like being physically cut or hurt you vent out and everything you are holding in tends to come out, this behavior is likely to make you appear cold hearted, selfish, self-centered, and childish to others so you need to try and become more compassionate so that you will become more balanced and handle everything easier and better... I'm guessing you don't open up much to others and lack in healthy, non-shallow, interpersonal communications

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